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Edible spoons are about to turn your food world upside down

Kimanh Le Roux

If you’ve been using a plain old piece of cutlery to eat your soup, you might be brokenhearted to know that you’ve been doing it wrong all these years. But not to worry — there’s a new machine on the market that’s sure to fix all your spoon-related woes. It’s called the Edible Spoon Maker, and it really is as brilliant (and as delicious) as it sounds.

Edible Spoon Maker
Image: Edible Spoon Maker

This mouthwatering and money-making machine was created by designer and inventor Anatoliy Omelchenko, and it works just as simply as a waffle maker — except it makes spoons. Since the machine can make four edible spoons in three minutes using different kinds of dough to create various spoon textures, this means no more washing up for hours after making dinner for family and friends.

While everyone’s lining up to get a spoon they can sink their teeth into, the machine isn’t available for purchase yet. Fortunately Omelchenko isn’t the first person who thought that spoons were better for eating. We’ve got a super-easy hack for making edible spoons without any machines. They might not be quite as fancy as what the Edible Spoon Maker puts out, but thanks to some clever and practical thinking, all you need is sliced bread and some stainless steel spoons to create these perfect stand-ins.

How to make edible spoons

Edible Spoon Making Kit

Supplies and ingredients:


Edible spoons making steps
Image: Kimanh le Roux/SheKnows
  1. The first thing you need to do is roll the bread flat. You can do this with a rolling pin or a pasta machine. I found that cutting off the crust made the bread much easier to roll. I recommend using a pasta machine if you have one, as you’ll speed up the flattening process. If you decide to use a pasta machine, start with a larger setting, and then reduce the thickness to as thin as you can without breaking the bread. If you find your bread is too hard, pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds with a small dish of water.
  2. Next, neatly layer about 5 pieces of bread on top of one another. Push the spoon-shape cutter through the bread (or cut out the spoon shape with a knife). You can do more; just make sure you get the hang of it first. You might feel like there is a lot of wasted bread. Just bake the offcuts, and blend them in a food processor to make breadcrumbs.
  3. While the edible spoons are still together, poke 3 holes through with a toothpick or large needle to prevent the spoons from forming bubbles. Peel the spoons apart.
  4. Now that you have the spoon-shape bread, press it on the metal spoons. I found the easiest way was to line up the bread inside the bottom of the spoon and press down with my thumbs, working my way to the top of the spoon.
  5. Place the spoons on a baking pan, and bake in a heated, 250-degree F oven for 30 minutes.
  6. Keep an eye on the edible spoons to ensure they don’t burn.
  7. Once golden brown, place the bread spoons on a drying rack to cool down.
Baked edible spoons
Image: Kimanh le Roux/SheKnows

Now that the spoons have been made, the options are truly endless. Serve the edible spoons with your favorite dip, as a mini pizza, or dip into melted chocolate, and top with something yummy.

Edible spoons filled
Image: Kimanh le Roux/SheKnows

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Updated by Bethany Ramos on 2/22/16

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