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Your refrigerator roadmap

Refrigerators are lifesavers in the kitchen, but is yours as clean and organized as it can be? With a few simple tips, you can ensure that everything is within reach so that your kitchen is as efficient as possible.

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We’ve all done it — forgotten those leftovers in the back of the fridge or allowed vegetables to go bad in the fridge. Prevent it from happening with this refrigerator roadmap. Make sure every item has its proper place in the fridge so that it stays fresh and organized.

Get the right fridge

If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, be sure to look for one that has great organizational features built in. Models like the GE French door refrigerator are excellent choices with their space-saving features and multiple drawers.


Think about what you use the most and place it front and center. Perhaps the milk will be towards the front while those weekend beers are in the back, or yogurt will occupy the front of the top shelf while jam that you don’t reach for as often is further in.

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Group together

Place similar items together so you know where to look when you want them. Keep condiments in one area, salad dressings in another and beverages in yet another. Get additional storage containers to help organize your fridge. For example, get a simple plastic bin and store your condiments in it so you can easily pull them all out at once and grab the right one.

Properly store leftovers

Don’t let leftovers languish in the back of the fridge! Use clear, tightly fitting containers to make sure that you can easily see their contents and ensure that they stay fresh. Label them with the date so you know when you put them in the fridge and when you should throw them out. If you keep them stacked within view, you’ll be more likely to use them.

Use the drawers

There is a reason there are drawers in most refrigerators. They are made to keep similar items organized together, and are optimized to keep them fresh. Crispers tend to come standard and should be used for fruit, vegetables and herbs. Try to keep fruit in one drawer and veggies in another. Many refrigerators now come with meat and cheese drawers as well, which are great.

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Clean out your fridge weekly

To keep your refrigerator organized and its contents fresh, try to quickly clean it out and take stock every week. Take note of what ingredients need to be used up and come with a creative way to put them to good use. Throw out anything that is past its prime, and move older items toward the front so you remember to use them. To find out how long you can safely store a variety of common items, check out this handy guide from

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