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A classy cocktail cookbook for all of us

The cookbook for those who care about what they eat and want a great cocktail.

Edible Cocktails from Garden to Glass-Seasonal Cocktails with a Fresh Twist

Edible Cocktails

So much has been written about eating quality (all-natural, organic, non-GMO) ingredients, but we oftentimes forget that not every ingredient ends up on a plate. Sometimes, you drink your ingredients!

Enter Natalie Bovis’ Edible Cocktails from Garden to Glass — Seasonal Cocktails with a Fresh Twist. This cookbook sits at a unique intersection for those who want a great cocktail, but at the same time care about the ingredients that go into it. The book is packed with trivia (did you know there are flavor differences between vodka made traditionally and vodka made from grape?). It also has an extensive section for creating a container or windowsill garden to support your cocktail-making habits.

Recipes to look forward to

With more than 100 cocktail recipes, you won’t be left high and dry. Channel your inner mixologist with amazing recipes ranging from Chorizo Mezcal and Tequila Sherry Eggnog to making your own liquors like Irish crème, bitters and rose-hip vodka. Perfect for entertaining, serve a Lavender Gin Sour, Singing Pear or a Basil Grass Lemon Drop at your next soiree; even experiment with eggs and dairy in your cocktails.

Eye candy

Bovis’ Edible Cocktails is, flat out, a gorgeous book. Packed with full-color pictures of the various drinks, tools and ingredients, the photography in the book will make you want to get pouring. Some pictures are there to make you thirsty (like the image of the Rose-Mary-Me in the section on Herby concoctions) while others are there to help sort out what is what. For instance, a labeled image of a lovingly-used set of bar utensils or an array or different stemware home bartenders will be asked to navigate during the liquid journeys. You’ll have to see it for yourself to grasp it’s true intrigue.

Can I actually make these recipes?

Absolutely. While some of the recipes may sound complicated, the instructions are clear, concise and guide you step-by-step. Even better, most recipes are preceded with histories of the drink, trivia and a good explanation of why certain drinks are made using different techniques. Edible Cocktails is clear enough for a beginner, but packed with enough unique recipes that the most advanced cocktail aficionado will find something.

A great read

Packed with so much information, Edible Cocktails could have been a textbook. Instead, it’s a fun and informative manifesto on how to make a killer homemade, organic drink. Coming in at more than 220 pages of tips, trivia and recipes, Edible Cocktails is the key to making anyone into a cocktail master. No matter their experience, favorite liquor or quest for healthy food, Edible Cocktails has something for everyone.

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