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How to make a Mexican Sunset cocktail

In need of a tasteful vacation? Follow these basic steps to make a wonderful drink that will easily take your mind off those hot days.

Mexican sunset cocktail
Drink Recipes: Mexican Sunset – Daily Dish
Today on the Daily Dish, our host Cheyenne Palm shows you how to make a mexican sunset cocktail.

Step 1: A silver touch

In a medium margarita glass, place 1 ounce of silver tequila in your cup, in a brand of your choice. Many suggest Patron Silver tequila, but any tequila off your shelf will do.

Step 2: Mezcal, please

Add ½ ounce of mezcal to your mixture. Mezcal is quite the unusual beverage, which gives this mixture the “smoky” undertone. Mezcal is an alcoholic drink that derives from the maguey plant, which is a form of agave.

Step 3: One lime at a time

Take 1 ounce of lime juice and add it to your concoction. This will give your drink that pucker essence. It will also offset any strong overtones your drink may have.

Step 4: There will be blood

Pour in 1-1/2 ounces of blood-orange simple syrup. This will give your drink that sweet sensation, and create a balance between sweet and sour. Also, it is the final touch that gives your drink that “sunset” coloring.

Step 5: Pour

Pour a small amount of ice into your glass. After adding ice, feel free to add a slice of lime to the rim of the drink to create the perfect image of your creation: the Mexican Sunset. Enjoy!

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