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Party in a cup: Festive cocktail flair to add pizzazz to your drinks

Your cocktail party fun is not limited to the decor — add flavor to your fiesta by adding pizzazz to your drinks. Bring your party to the cup by incorporating some of these fantastic ideas to create more than just an amazing-tasting cocktail!

woman sipping on cocktail

Fruity fun

Fruits are a great way to add pizzazz to any drink. Use obvious garnishes — like lemons — with cocktails such as Bacardi Limon Iced tea, or a slice of pineapple as a garnish with Bacardi pina coladas. Mojitos are most attractive with spearmint leaves, and oranges will make any Century Club Punch to die for.

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Another great use of fruit is as the glass itself. Serve vodka in strawberries that have had their tops removed and have been pitted. Watermelons are an attractive punch holder, and melons can also be hollowed out to have guests marveling over your creativity.

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Fancy glasses

Get fancy with your glasses by sprucing them up with monograms, stripes or other fun styles. Many craft stores now offer spruced-up glasses, which can be purchased to fit every personality on your guest list. These can also make great party favors and a perfect reason to have another cocktail party with your girlfriends.

If you’re looking for a DIY, chalkboard paint makes a great additive to any glass. Paint a square or any other fun shape a few days pre-party and leave a few pieces of chalk out for guests to make their own personalized glass.

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Seasonal flair

Make your cocktails coordinate with the season by using accommodating items. Umbrellas are awesome for the summer, while berries look spectacular with winter drinks. Make fun ice cube shapes to throw into glasses as a great visual to cool off in the summer heat, or create warm drinks with a cinnamon garnish to warm up with the fire.

Colored sugars will look amazing around any rim, and can be dyed to fit any season of the year. Coordinate the rim with a like-colored drink for the most attractive looking cocktails on the block. Don’t forget to choose coordinating flavors — like Bacardi coconut for the summer months and black cherry for the winter chill.

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