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Cocktail jewelry: Glamorous ways to label cocktail glasses

Ever been at a cocktail party and accidentally had a sip of your friend’s strong vodka tonic? With these fun and glamorous ways to personalize cocktail glasses, you will no longer end up shocking your taste buds.

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You can use earrings in a few ways to glam up a cocktail glass. One great idea is to have guests bring their own pair of dangly earrings to attach to the rim of their glasses. (Hook earrings will work best). Your guest will have an easy way to remember which drink is theirs, since the earrings came from their own jewelry box!

If you’re afraid the ladies may forget their earrings at home, you can pick up a few funky pairs to hand out at the party. Run to your local Forever 21 or Target to pick up earrings that guests can take home as party favors, or add them to your own collection after the party. Just make sure to sanitize them before wearing them.

Theme your party by purchasing earrings with feathers, neon colors or beads. Have guests bring a pair that matches their personalities, or do an earring swap and have guests leave earrings next to the empty glasses prior to serving the drinks, so that the ladies may choose their favorite pair to take home.

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Stretch bracelets would be a great fit to the glass itself. Find tattoo bracelets in bright colors, or sparkly rubber bracelets to stack onto glasses. Rubber bracelets are typically sold in bundles, so have fun with them and make a game of it: for each drink a guest has, add a bracelet. This will allow each guest to keep track of their alcohol and have fun at the same time!

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While adult bracelets may be too large for the stem of a martini glass, a child bracelet may be the perfect fit. Check out places like Claire’s or Justice for Girls for a great selection of little girl accessories. You can have fun with the mini bracelets by choosing various themes with the use of fun gems like ice cream cones or ponies.

Make your own! A fun activity to do pre-drinking is to find some materials for guests to make their own bracelets. Since we all are little girls at heart, guests will have a blast from the past creating their own personalized jewelry. Watch a YouTube video together — we like the Friendship Bracelet tutorial by Beyond Bracelets — and get to creating together! Materials can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, and are often sold in kits.


Rings are a beautiful and glamorous way to add glam to your cocktail glass. Have guests bring an inexpensive ring, or provide plastic dollar rings to use as charms. Use paper clips to attach to the rim, or bring along a keychain ring to attach rings to the stem of the glass. Guests will enjoy the clinking of their own personalized glasses.

Toe rings are another festive piece of jewelry that is perfect for a cocktail glass. Since most are adjustable to fit around the toe, they are great to fit to the size of a rim. Have guests bring their own or provide an array of rings from which they can choose.

Another awesome way to attach rings (or any piece of jewelry) to a cocktail glass is with the use of a small hoop earring. These small accessories are a great fit, and can hold either a charm or a thin ring. Find them for an inexpensive price at any store that sells earrings, and have fun glamorizing your party!

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