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How to make a delicious Father’s Day brunch

There really isn’t any better invention than brunch. It has all the best foods and you don’t have to wake up super-early to get the good stuff. Father’s Day is just another excuse to brunch with your family. We’ve got a few tips on how to make it a perfect and delicious Father’s Day brunch.

Father's day brunch at home

Step 1: Make it a family affair

First things first — stay at home for brunch. It’s a great way to get exactly the kind of food you want, avoid the crowds and dodge a hefty bill. When you make brunch, make sure everyone is included. No matter what the age range is in your family, it is important to give everyone a task so they can brag to Dad when brunch is served. He’ll be proud of the teamwork and love he’s created in his family (with help from Mom, of course).

Step 2: Practice makes perfect

If brunch is the big event for Father’s Day, you want to make sure it goes smoothly. One dish disaster is expected, but if the whole family goes hungry because every dish is a catastrophe, that’s not so great. Make sure you know how to successfully make the dishes you are serving. It’ll also help relieve a lot of stress for you if you’re confident in the kitchen.

Step 3: Add variety

The best part about brunch is it has a little bit of everything. Serving dishes that cover all the culinary bases is the best way to have a delicious brunch. Dig through your recipe books for all of your favorites and pick your top five. This is the best way to get variety and something that everyone loves. Also, adding a variety of beverages for everyone to mix is a great way to personalize any meal.

Step 4: Dig in

We know it’s great to be health-conscious, and while you can surely find healthy alternatives, we suggest going for the delicious stuff for Father’s Day — calories don’t count on holidays, right? And Dad definitely doesn’t care about them on a day that celebrates how great he is. You can get back on the wagon on Monday — for now smother the pancakes in strawberries and whipped cream in Dad’s honor.

cupcakeStep 5: Never forget dessert

Brunch allows you to have dessert in the middle of the day. We just want to make sure you take full advantage of that.

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