Celebrate National Jerky Day with jerky art

June 12 marks the inaugural National Jerky Day. Instead of just eating a bag of your favorite salty snack today, how about turning it into art?

Celebrate National Jerky Day
Sasquatch mosaic

In honor of the first-ever National Jerky Day, mosaic artist Jason Mecier did just that. He turned approximately 80 bags of Jack Link’s Jerky products (more than 16 pounds!) into a Sasquatch masterpiece. Mecier painstakingly placed each piece in this mosaic, which is made solely of jerky and took a total of 50 hours to complete.

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Using different flavors and textures for varying shades within the piece, he was able to bring Sasquatch to life. Lighter-colored chicken and turkey jerky was used to highlight Sasquatch’s face, while darker beef jerky was used in other areas.

Jason Mecier is no stranger to creating mosaics out of interesting materials. His artwork is made up of everything from yarn to candy to whatever’s in the junk drawer. We had the chance to ask Jason a few questions about his recent Jack Link’s Sasquatch piece and his other artwork.

SheKnows: First things first: How did you decide that beef jerky could be turned into art?

Jason Mecier: I grew up snacking on beef jerky. So, when I heard about National Jerky Day, I jumped at the chance to pay homage to a legendary snack. I’d never worked with jerky before either, so I thought it would be an exciting challenge.

SheKnows: What was your inspiration for the jerky piece? How did you decide on Sasquatch?

Jason Mecier: Since he’s the star of Jack Link’s Messin’ with Sasquatch commercials, Sasquatch seemed like an obvious choice to honor National Jerky Day. And, Sasquatch, like most of my subjects, is pretty iconic.

Jason Mecier and Sasquatch mosaic
Sasquatch mosaic close up
Jason Mecier and Sasquatch mosaic

SheKnows: Did you treat the jerky piece with anything to preserve it? How long will it last?

Jason Mecier: Yes. I used a acrylic sealant to help preserve the life span of the portrait. Since jerky is already dried, this piece should have a pretty long life.

SheKnows: You use lots of different materials in your art; have you ever tried anything that didn’t work? Are there limitations to what you can use or the kind of mosaic subject you can make?

Jason Mecier: I’m still trying to figure out how to preserve fresh foods like fruit, vegetables and lunch meats. There are so many celebrity subjects I’d like to work with. So many things inspire me, and I believe art has no rules so there really are no limitations!

Watch the construction of the meat mosaic below!

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