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Fueling kids on-the-go: 5 Smart, portable and kid-friendly snacks

Finding healthy snack options when you’re on the go can seem challenging. It often seems easier to stash junk food for on-the-go snacking. However, with a little planning, you can pick healthy, portable snacks that are packed with protein to keep kids fuller longer.

boy eating granola bar on the go

Trail mix

Whip up a batch of trail mix with items you already keep around the house. Mix together seeds, nuts and dried fruit. Add M&M’s or chocolate chips — white chocolate works great — and your favorite cereal. This protein-rich, portable snack appeals to kids because it mixes sweet and salty. Plus, trail mix has a long shelf life — you can portion out individual serving sizes to store in the fridge to grab and go.


Single-serving yogurt cups and tubes make a great on-the-go snack. Small hands can hold onto the containers easily, and most of the versions on the market are perfectly portioned for kids. The challenge is that yogurt can’t be left in the car for too long. If you need to pack snacks for later in the day, fill a cooler or insulated lunch box with ice to keep the yogurt cold.

Granola bars

Whether store-bought or homemade, granola bars are kid-friendly snacks that are easy to bring along. Plus, most granola bars contain a good amount of protein. If you go for the store-bought versions, check the sugar content before you buy. Many granola bars have added sugars, which you want to avoid — so read the label carefully.

Fresh fruit

Think outside the pre-packaged box with wholesome, fresh fruit. Apples, bananas, pears and orange slices fit easily in a plastic baggie or storage container. Loaded with fiber, these kid-approved fruit choices deliver easy-to-eat nutrition to kids on the go.


A simple snack for kids on the go, cheese is full of protein and appeals to most kids. You can purchase pre-packaged cheese, like string cheese or cheese sticks. For an economical alternative, pick up blocks of cheese and slice them into strips or cubes.

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