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Moms share: Healthy snacks my kids love

Taking care of yourself and making sure you eat healthy is one thing, but getting the kids to eat healthy is quite another. After all, kids have the taste for pizza and cookies — not so much gourmet salads. These moms have found solutions to the ever-present worry of picky eaters. Here are a few healthy snacks their kids love, and yours might, too!

Homemade granola bar

Kale chips

Kale is a super nutritious food that, if left plain, is practically kid repellent. Still, the leafy green is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory goodness, perfect for kids and adults alike. Amber Janke of mommy blog takes kale to the next level by coating the leaves with spices and flavorings, baking them and feeding them to the kids as “chips.”

“Not until creating my own kale chip recipe did I ever feel like my family or myself reaped all the benefits that Kale can provide. I’m not going to give up my magical mix. However I do encourage lots of experimentation with the leafy green. It has a strong flavor so be prepared to add in some exciting herbs and spices to bring it out,” she says.


Yogurt is a sweet and creamy treat that, if made correctly, can act as a substitute for cold ice cream. Dino Berlo of loves to create small bento boxes for her girls’ school lunches, and one of her main go-to’s is homemade yogurt.

“I have been making my own yogurt for a while now. I had found some recipes online for crockpot yogurt then sort of tweaked and morphed them into something that works well for me consistently.”


“As a New Jersey mom, I always struggle with trying to find a healthy, nutritious snack that’s not loaded with fat and sugar,” says blogger Chris Sansone of Hummus is packed with nutritional goodness, yet has all of the appeal of a normal dip! Pair it with veggies or crackers, she suggests.

“You can also spread it onto sandwiches for extra flavor.”

Homemade granola bars

“I try not to buy too many processed snacks as even the so-called ‘healthy’ ones have some dubious ingredients,” says Lisa Davies of Instead, she blends oats, honey, pumpkin seeds and more to create homemade granola bars that skip the processed ingredients for real food. Best of all, she knows how to pronounce everything that’s in them!

Watch: How to make homemade kale chips

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