It’s National Wine Day: Easy-to-enjoy wines from California to France

Whether you’re heading to a picnic or sitting down with friends for a leisurely evening, wine can be a great addition to the fun. For National Wine Day, SheKnows has a few ideas for how you can celebrate!

Stacked wine
National Wine Day

Celebrate with wine!

Whether you’re heading to a picnic or sitting down with friends for a leisurely evening, wine can be a great addition to the fun. For National Wine Day, SheKnows has a few ideas for how you can celebrate!

What would life be without wine? For many of us, not quite as enjoyable! If you’ve been searching for a California wine to fit your on-the-go lifestyle, then pack a picnic. If you’ve been intimidated by French wine, put your fears to rest. SheKnows has done some drinking (for the purpose of research, of course) and has some suggestions to help you celebrate the day — any time of year!

All-in-one, wine convenience

Are you an on-the-go sort who would love to bring the party (and wine) with you? That’s not always easy, even when it’s permissible — just think of all the things you need to bring along: large, glass bottles of your favorite wine; a corkscrew; glasses. It can be a hassle. Fortunately, there is a convenient way to enjoy your wine when you’re out enjoying nature.

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This is one of the coolest “bottles” of wine to come around in a while. No corkscrews or stemware needed. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pass around the bottle for a taste with friends. STACKED Wines offers four, single-serve wineglass-shaped containers, sealed and stacked on top of one another, all equal to one bottle of wine. Now that’s convenience!

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The “glasses” are made of recyclable materials that also help keep UV light out to keep the wine, well, fine. STACKED Wines are priced at $14.99, making it perfect to pick up and take along to a picnic or outdoor show. The single-serve packaging is also a great option when you want just one glass of wine at home, but don’t want to open an entire bottle.

The premium California wine is selected by the company’s in-house sommelier and offers a chardonnay with soft citrus notes and a hint of oak and a merlot that has a red plum flavor and traces of vanilla. STACKED recently added a pinot grigio to its roster and looks to continue to expand.

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Fantastic French wine at a fair price

Most of us get that wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. But doesn’t it seem like there’s always someone in our crowd to make us think twice about how much of our hard-earned cash needs to go toward good wine — especially French wine? Put your worries to rest and give your wallet a break. There are French wines that are approachable, taste wonderful and won’t cost a fortune to enjoy.

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Rhone Valley WineRhone Valley wines

The Rhone Valley region of southeastern France covers more than 188,000 acres and delivers more than 400 million bottles of wine a year. With that in mind, you’re likely to find something that suits just about everyone’s taste (and budget). The year-round, lovely climate of the area helps provide the right environment to produce enjoyable wines. Consider these three Rhone Valley wines:

La Vielle Ferme

Cotes-du-Ventoux, Rosé 2010
At about $8 a bottle, this wine has pink and red tones, and you’ll catch a scent that includes cherry and hints of aniseed and brown sugar. What’s not to love? This would be a great wine to serve with a summer meal of fresh salads and lighter plates.

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Perrin et Fils Reserve

Cotes-du-Rhone, Blanc, 2010
A fresh and crisp white wine with notes of lemon oil, quince and white currants, this would be great to serve dinner guests or share with friends while you watch a foreign film (or the Bachelorette). For $11 a bottle, you can afford enough for a double feature.

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Cotes-du-Rhone, Rouge, 2007
For some, red wine can be the most intimidating. Have no fear! This wine’s deep and dark red color and notes of fresh fruits, berries and spices is smooth and rich. The price tag, however, sits at $15, making it a great buy for a special dinner or occasion.

Galileo said, “Wine is sunlight, held together by water.” What a wonderful sentiment! No matter what you choose to drink, always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

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