Finger found in Arby’s sandwich

Next time you find a hair in your food, just remember that things could be much worse. One Michigan teenager can attest to that after finding part of a finger in his fast food sandwich.

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We know that the FDA allows a certain amount of disgusting “natural contaminants,” like rodent hair and insect parts, in our food and drinks, but even they draw the line at human body parts. But that’s just what Michigan teen Ryan Hart found in his roast beef sandwich.

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Fast food never tasted so bad

During an after-school food run, Hart took a bite of his Arby’s sandwich and chewed on something he described as rubbery. When he spit it out, he was staring at part of a finger, which looked to be the fingerprint portion. The finger part measured about one inch long and a quarter-inch thick.

Apparently, a meat slicer accident was to blame for this finger food making its way into Hart’s sandwich. An employee cut herself while slicing meat and walked away to take care of it without informing anyone. Other employees who were unaware of the situation continued with their work filling orders. The meat slicer has since been taken out of use and the restaurant cleaned and sanitized. All food products were disposed of and the county health department is conducting an investigation.

Although at this moment Ryan Hart is probably considering vegetarianism, he is reportedly doing fine after visiting the hospital. He had blood drawn and received medication. Hart and his mother also took the finger in with them.

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Damage control

In a letter addressing the incident, John Gray, vice president of corporate communications and public relations for Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., calls this an “isolated and unfortunate accident” and went on to say that Arby’s is “committed to providing quality food in a safe and healthy environment.” Something tells me Ryan Hart might not describe his finger sandwich as quality food.

If you needed that push to eat healthier and not give in to your fast food craving, this could be it. What’s worse — a tofu and sprout sandwich or Arby’s version of finger food?

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