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The best ways to plan a party on a budget

Throwing the perfect party is a labor-intensive adventure with a huge payout. When your friends enjoy themselves, there’s a certain amount of self-gratification that comes from that. But if you, like a lot of people these days, are trying to cut back on expenses, there are still ways to throw the perfect budget bash. Here are a few ideas to cut back costs.

backyard bbq with friends

Ask for help

Generally, people are thankful to be invited to a party. If you feel comfortable asking for favors, ask each guest to bring a little something, whether it’s cups, paper plates or a tablecloth. When everyone pitches in, you can combine your buying power to create the best party ever.

Make it a potluck

Similar to the method listed above, making the party a potluck cuts back on food expenses while making it a fun, homey and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Many a conversation will be started about the fantastic guacamole or hard-to-resist cookies. Get to know your friends’ culinary skills and make it a party on the cheap.

Designate a bartender

If you had endless amounts of money, you might hire a bartender and a caterer, but, odds are, you already know a bartender (or at least a former one). Enlist their help! They have the incentive of handling drinks and getting to know all of your guests and you have the incentive to mingle with guests, knowing they’re being taken care of. To cut down even more on expenses, make it a BYOB occasion, having everyone help stock up the bar.

Stay at home

Rather than renting out a venue, have a stay-at-home party on the patio. Renting a venue can be one of the largest costs in throwing a party, but staying at home is free. Plus, you know the venue well enough to feel comfortable. Sure, the house might get a little messy, but what good party doesn’t leave a mess in its wake? Friends will stay behind to help you clean up.

Buy in bulk

You might know you’re going to have 200 people at your party, so you might as well be prepared. Rather than heading to the grocery store for your alcohol and food needs, hit up your local big box store to buy in bulk. Typically, buying in bulk means buying cheap. Plus, you don’t have to worry about running out of crucial party supplies as the night goes on.

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