Cool off: Tips for keep guests chill at your cookout

Summer parties can lead to some of the most memorable moments among friends and family. But along with summer comes unpredictable weather. You never know if it will be seasonably warm or swelteringly hot. Luckily, SheKnows has some ways to keep your guests cooled down either way. Here are a few tips for making sure your party-goers stay cool in the summer heat.

summer party

Install a misting system

It might be costly up front, but installing a misting system is an investment that will last for years and will allow you to enjoy summers to come. Spraying cooled water vapor, misters keep guests cool while they hang out on your patio and enjoy the delicious barbeque you’re cooking up.

Stock the cooler

This one is a no brainer, sure, but keeping a cooler stocked with ice and a few of your favorite beverages (especially water!) will make sure no one overheats or gets cranky from their internal body temperature going up, up, up!

Refreshing cocktails

Having sugary drinks at your party is fun, but after guests have been sucking them back for hours, everyone will start to feel a little lethargic and sticky. That’s where the cocktail alternatives kick in. Mix up drinks that are heavy on the ice, use light, clear alcohols and diet juices as mixers. As the ice melts, the drink will also partially hydrate, keeping drinkers cool and comfortable, even when the sun is glaring down on your cookout.

Cool treats

Sure, hotdogs and cake are great for a cookout, but they don’t do much to keep your body running at full efficiency in the sun. Stock up a cooler with things like ice pops, pudding pops and other cool treats that will keep the kids reaching for more without realizing they’re actually keeping their internal body temperature down.

Find the nearest pool

You might not have a pool in your backyard, but finding the nearest pool in your community that allows gatherings is a great way to make sure your guests stay cool. Even if they’re shy about getting in a swimsuit, just dipping their feet and hands into the pool will help cool them down. Plus, it’s a great way to catch a bit of summer color, all while having a good time with your friends and family.

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