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Unforgettable summer celebration ideas for Memorial Day

Gathering friends and family for a summer celebration is an annual tradition that many try, but few pull off flawlessly. Between keeping guests entertained and fed, throwing a party can be a headache if you don’t have everything planned out and ready to go come party time. Here are a few party ideas that will keep your guests reminiscing about the celebration for years to come.

throwing a pool party

Hire a bartender

Or just enlist the help of a friend. Surely, almost everyone had a friend who was a bartender in college. Take advantage of that fact! Set up a bar and let them go crazy. They will have the benefit of being the keeper of fun. Anyone who wants a drink has to go through them, inciting all kinds of fun conversations. This is an idea best suitable for an adult party where kids won’t be around, but, even if children are involved, it’s always good to keep an adult by the liquor, just to be safe.

Throw a pool party

Let’s face it. It’s nice to live in a warm climate, but, sometimes, warm climates become unbearably hot. You might as well embrace it! Stake out your backyard or nearest community pool. Break out the cold beer, cool treats and light food fare for a day of splish splash and fun. Plus, it gives you time to work on that tan, all while being in the company of your favorite friends and family.

Cool down station

You might be soaking in the sweltering sun, but there’s no reason to get overheated. Set up a cool off station where guests can lower their body temperature with fans, sprinkler systems, ice pops, cool drinks and more. Make it even more fun by setting out some water guns, water balloons and other water toys and see what happens when your guests finally let their guard down.

Glow poolside

If you live in especially hot climates, going outside, even if there is a pool nearby, isn’t an option. That is, until the sun goes down. Throw a nighttime pool party. Pack the party with tiki torches and glow sticks and have a fun (and cool!) celebration in the summer without worrying about your guests getting heatstroke. Plus, things always get a little crazier when the sun goes down. Throw back to the good old days with a wholesome game of flashlight tag or hide and seek.

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