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5 Reasons to celebrate the weekend in style

Ready to have some fun? The weekend is coming and we want you to enjoy every minute of it. Need some motivation to get out there and celebrate in style? Here are five great reasons to live it up this weekend.

girls out having fun

You made it through the week

Isn’t the fact that you’ve made it through the week reason enough to celebrate the long-anticipated weekend? Congratulations are in order. You handled everything that came your way for the past five days. Maybe it was a stressful presentation at work, whiny kids or a sick dog. Whatever the situation, it’s over! Start fresh with a weekend filled with good times.

Socializing is good for your health

Get out there and celebrate the weekend with your pals. Studies show that social interaction boosts your health and can actually help you live longer. A 2010 study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University showed that social isolation is one of the biggest health risks — especially when it comes to mortality. According to the study, being a loner is just as bad for you as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, as harmful as being an alcoholic or never exercising and twice as bad as being obese. So call your friends and make weekend plans right now — doctor’s orders!

Virtual friendships aren’t cutting it

Sure you know everything about your friends’ daily doings from being glued to Facebook, but that’s no replacement for catching up in person. Sitting by yourself in front of your computer will never replace the joy that comes from getting together in person with friends. Mix up some cocktails, set out some finger foods and invite your closest friends over for a girls’ night. Or if you don’t feel like entertaining, meet your crew out at that new restaurant or nightclub you’ve been meaning to try and remind yourself that “face time” isn’t just an app!

Weekends are made for fun

When was the last time you checked the events listing in your area? Grab a newspaper or go online and find out what’s happening this weekend. Chances are, there’s a festival or two, a concert, a new movie you’d like to see or even a big sale at your favorite store. Carve out some time and go take advantage of some of the great happenings taking place this weekend.

Make some memories

Here’s something to ponder. Five years from now, when you look back on this weekend, will you remember how shiny your toilet was after spending your Saturday scrubbing and scouring? See what we’re getting at? Let the housework wait and do something celebratory. This is your life, so seize the day, live in the moment, grab the bull by the horns (and every other inspiring cliché you can think of). Why? Girlfriend, you deserve an amazing weekend you’ll remember for years to come. Go for it!

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