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How to make homemade soda

Soda – yes, even diet soda – is notoriously bad for you. High in calories, sugar and high fructose corn syrup, it can contribute to weight gain, diabetes and other health problems.

Couple drinking homemade soda

Instead, consider making your own soda at home with naturally flavored syrups and seltzer to satisfy those soda cravings in a healthier manner.

Step 1: Carbonate it

The first step to making soda begins with seltzer. The easiest option is to buy seltzer, but diehard consumers of fizzy beverages may want to consider investing in a carbonation system. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a restaurant-style soda gun to the more common seltzer maker, which is powered by a CO2 cartridge.

Step 2: Flavor it

Next, decide what kind of flavor you’d like. Do you want a traditional cola beverage or a more natural hibiscus cooler? Many companies sell “soda” mixes that can be added to seltzer to make your own soda. Alternately, you can make a simple syrup to make an organic, naturally flavored soda. Try making a ginger simple syrup (simmer chopped fresh ginger with water and sugar) to make your own ginger ale.

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Step 3: Mix it

Once you’ve picked out a syrup flavor, it’s time to mix it with the seltzer to create your own soda. Add a few teaspoons at first, then stir and taste. (Whatever you do, don’t shake it up!) Continue adding a bit at a time until the flavor is as concentrated as you would like (this will vary depending on what your flavoring is).

Step 4: Seal it

If you don’t want to drink all your soda right away, you’ll need to transfer it to a bottle with a tight closure. This will help prevent the carbonation from escaping and will keep it nice and fizzy for at least a day.

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Step 5: Enjoy it

Finally, it’s time to savor your homemade soda! The honest truth is that it may not taste exactly like the commercially available varieties, but homemade sodas are delicious nonetheless. And you can rest easy knowing exactly where all the ingredients came from!

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