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Famous Foodie Profile: Eden Grinshpan

Eden Grinshpan. This carb-loving foodie has a love for maple syrup and just might eat an entire cheesecake on occasion. Read the rest of her honest answers below.

Eden Grinshpan

question1. What is your favorite ingredient to lick off your fingers?

Eden: Pure Canadian maple syrup or raw honey.

2. When I eat ___________, I know I’ve hit rock bottom.

Eden: An entire cheesecake.

3. What dish always gets you excited when you see it on a menu?

Eden: Octopus, prepared in any way!

fork4. Is there a food you wouldn’t eat even if you were offered a free speedboat for eating it?

Eden: NO… I will try anything at least once. I need to experience it all!

5. What’s a food myth or trend you wish would die?

Eden: That carbs are the enemy.

6. When no one’s watching, I cook ___________ for myself.

Eden: Breakfast for dinner

7. If you could have a slice of pizza with another famous foodie (living or deceased), who would it be and why?

Eden: Andrew Zimmern because he is fearless, has an awesome sense of humor and loves people and different cultures.

8. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Eden: Who cares, they’re both yummy!

9. You’ve been sentenced to death for a crime you totally committed. What’s on your death row menu? More importantly, what crime did you commit?

Eden: South Indian idlis to start, Thai green curry with coconut rice for my main dish and a chocolate babka to finish it off. My crime… breaking into the local bakery to satisfy my midnight cravings for coffeecakes and sweets.

10. If heaven exists, what mysteries about food do you want explained at the pearly gates?

Eden: Why couldn’t onions and garlic come peeled???

Eden Grinshpan, the sexy and hilarious host of Cooking Channel’s newest show Eden Eats, takes viewers around the world on a mouthwatering 24-hour culinary adventure — without ever using her passport! After graduating from London’s Le Cordon Bleu with a “Grande Diplome,” Eden traveled to India, Southeast Asia and Israel, taking cooking classes and volunteering with various organizations. When she got back home, Eden realized she didn’t need a passport to enjoy global cuisine — it surrounded her in the hidden gems of every city she visited. Tackling one city at a time, Eden sets out to meet the immigrant proprietors who have brought their cultural dishes to eager American eaters. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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