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How to make flavored water at home

Are you getting the eight or more glasses of water you’re supposed to consume each day? Chances are you’re not, and it may be because plain water isn’t appealing. Try flavoring your water with sliced fruits and even vegetables for a refreshing and delicious way to stay hydrated.

Flavored water

Drinking plenty of water has lots of benefits: It helps prevent sickness, flushes out toxins, reduces your risk of heart attack and is great for your skin. But most people don’t drink enough water in the day, and often it’s because plain old water can be, well, boring. Doctoring up pitchers of water takes only minutes and may just be the key to staying hydrated.

Step 1: Get a pitcher

Although you can make individual servings of your flavored water, you might as well make a big batch in a jug or pitcher while you’re at it so you’ll be more likely to reach for it later.

Step 2: Use filtered water

Use the best-tasting water possible to start out. If you live somewhere with excellent tap water, that’s great, but most likely you’ll want to use filtered or bottled water to start. So fill your pitcher with cold, filtered water.

Step 3: Choose your flavoring

This is the fun part! For a basic flavored water, throw in some lemon slices. Or get creative and use any citrus you have on hand, or a mix. Lemon-lime, tangerine-grapefruit or kumquat-orange would all be excellent. For something a little different, take inspiration from the spa and add slices of cucumber to your water. Herbs, in particular mint, are another nice addition, on their own or in combination with lemon or cucumber. Use about one fruit or vegetable per pitcher of water.

Step 4: Infuse

The water will absorb the flavor fairly quickly, but for the most flavorful results allow it to infuse in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes.

Step 5: Drink up!

Now it’s time to enjoy your flavored water. Pour it into a glass with ice or take it on the go in an aluminum water bottle. Drink up, enjoy and stay hydrated!

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