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How does your breakfast routine compare?

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but a full-fledged morning spread of eggs, pancakes and bacon doesn’t always translate into the modern American life. So what’s a woman to do? That’s what we wanted to find out!

Woman drinking coffee

SheKnows surveyed women to discover their morning meal habits and to find out who is eating what, and when. See how your breakfast habits compare:

Sugar and spice and everything nice…

… that’s what coffee is made of! When women were asked how they liked their morning coffee, 51 percent said they prefer their coffee flavored rather than black, while another 14 percent said they prefer their coffee with a donut. When asked about their favorite sweeteners, a third of all respondents indicated that vanilla is the way to go, with only 16 percent opting for chocolate.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little sweetness in your morning meal, but try to keep fatty, sugary addititves to a minimum. Opt instead for all-natural, low-calories sweeteners and low-fat creams.

CoffeeJava on the go

When in a rush, almost a third of all women admit to counting their morning coffee as their breakfast, while another half grab either a piece of fruit or a breakfast bar. Just remember, you’ll stay full longer if you combine your caffeine kick with solid food. Try grabbing a low-cal coffee and a piece of fruit with staying power, such as a banana. If you’re going to grab a breakfast bar, look for options that are high in fiber and healthy fats.

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Starting the day right

Good news! More than half of the women surveyed said they eat breakfast faithfully, while another 25 percent said they drink their morning meal. This is definitely a step in the right direction, and it’s even more promising that 37 percent of respondents indicate that they take time to prepare food that’s nourishing and filling.

Even if you’re part of the 41 percent who grab whatever’s readily available, you’re still setting yourself up for healthy-eating success. Eating early will get your metabolism revving and will help prevent overeating later in the day.

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Fix it and forget it

Caffeine may heighten awareness and help you wake up, but that doesn’t mean you’re foolproof in the forgetfulness department! Forty-seven percent of respondents admitted to losing a few travel mugs along the way, while another eight percent admitted to losing all of them!

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The daily grind or a special treat

Sometimes a delectable coffee drink is the best way to soothe the senses and get yourself going in the morning, while other days a simple roast will do. When women were asked about their favorite coffee treat, almost half of all respondents said they prefer a drink made with heavy cream, cinnamon and nutmeg, while another quarter like their coffee blended with ice and chocolate pudding mix for a milkshake-style flavor and consistency.

But, this type of treat isn’t the norm. 35 percent of all women prefer “just plain coffee” for their daily grind, while another 22 percent will take whatever’s free. No wonder the coffee pot is so coveted at work!

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Bad breakfast habits, uncovered!


Everyone has a few unhealthy eating habits they know they should curb, so guess which dirty little “breakfast sins” SheKnows readers were willing to admit? How ’bout this:

  • 37 percent admit to believing coffee = breakfast
  • 29 percent admit to overeating in the morning
  • 22 percent opt for sugary options rather than healthy, hearty fare
  • 12 percent eat while driving

That’s not all! Thirty-five percent of the women who admitted to skipping breakfast also admitted to over-eating at lunch, while another 29 percent either hit the vending machines by mid-morning or crashed and burned from fatigue.

The remaining 36 percent said they kept themselves going with coffee… let’s just hope it was coffee laced with healthier creams and sweeteners, rather than unhealthy options!

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