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Unexpected ways to enjoy your afternoon snack

Your afternoon snack should be healthy and filling. That doesn’t mean it has to boring. Here are some tips to throw an unexpected twist into your everyday snacks.

Cottage cheese crackers

Cottage cheese on a cracker

A bowl of cottage cheese is a great healthy snack, but it can become rather bland and boring after a while. Mix things up by turning your cottage cheese into a cracker topping. Spread some cottage cheese onto a cracker, then top with a little bit of your favorite fruit jam or jelly.

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Spiced up popcorn

Popping a batch of popcorn is a quick and light way to beat an afternoon attack of the munchies, but plain popcorn can get old in a hurry. Fortunately, popcorn is versatile and lends itself wonderfully to lots of different flavors. Top yours with chili powder or parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning for a savory snack, or sprinkle on cinnamon and sugar for a super sweet treat.

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Broiled grapefruit

We all know that grapefruit is a wonder food when it comes to nutrition and watching your waistline, but it’s not the first choice of most ladies when it comes to an afternoon snack. Turn this healthy but tart fruit into a delicious sweet treat simply by placing it under your broiler. Cut a grapefruit in half and place it under the broiler for about five minutes, or until it starts to brown in spots. The natural sugars will caramelize and the flesh will turn warm and gooey — it tastes so amazing it’s hard to believe it’s healthy!

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Chocolate yogurt

Yogurt is a go-to snack for many, and it’s sweet enough to calm a crazed sweet tooth, but it just doesn’t do much for those pesky chocolate cravings. Mix one packet of sugar-free hot chocolate mix into an individual cup of yogurt (any flavor) for a chocolaty treat in the afternoon.

Quick tip: Too busy to sit down and snack? Try a smoothie! Blend frozen fruit with yogurt or almond milk for a delicious and healthy treat. Add spinach or oatmeal to make it more filling and healthy.

Marshmallow pear

Pears are juicy and delicious, but sometimes you want something a little more decadent. Slice a pear as you normally would and spread it with just a bit of marshmallow fluff. No pears on hand? This works with most other fruits, too!

Greek tomatoes

If you have a craving for something savory, this will hit the spot. Cut a tomato into bite-sized pieces and throw in a handful of feta cheese. Toss them with balsamic vinegar and enjoy!

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