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Gluten-free Friday: New app helps you find gluten-free restaurants and businesses

It can be frustrating trying to find a place to eat that will cater to your dietary lifestyle. This rings especially true if you’re traveling or visiting a spot off the beaten path.

Friends searching for gluten-free place to eat

Thanks to a new app and website — Find Me Gluten Free — people with gluten intolerance can easily locate restaurants and businesses to suit their needs.

Finding a restaurant or business that serves and sells gluten-free food is now easier than ever. People in the U.S. and Canada can download the Find Me Gluten Free app to their iPhone or Android, or visit the website, to locate restaurants and businesses where they can eat with the ease of knowing they have gluten-free choices.

“As a software developer who is also a Celiac, I felt compelled to provide a solution that would help other gluten-intolerant eaters navigate their way to healthy foods,” says Jason Elmore, CEO and Founder of Find Me Gluten Free.

Find Me Gluten FreeWhat you can do with the app

A great tool when you’re uncertain where or what you can eat out if you have Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance, the app and website offer the options to:

  • find gluten-free businesses in a specified radius either with a “Near Me” or “Near Addresses” search. A list of reviewed businesses, tips and comments will display.
  • create a user profile and submit and rate dining experiences and products purchased (“Suggest a Business”).
  • search “Chain Menus,” which pulls up chain restaurants, linking directly to the restaurant website and/or gluten-free menu.

What makes this app and website a bit different from others?

Find Me Gluten Free provides ratings and reviews based on how “gluten-free friendly” businesses are, which is a big help to those that need it. How convenient to have the gluten-free info you need at the tip of your fingers! To learn more, check out Find Me Gluten Free.

Gluten-free recipes to try

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