Backyard BBQ: Our favorite finds

Jun 1, 2012 at 10:55 a.m. ET

This summer, make your home the go-to place for barbecues. We’ve rounded up some of the hottest BBQ accessories around. Collect ‘em all!

BBQ branding iron kit BBQ branding kit

Personalize your cookouts with your name or a fun message! The BBQ Branding Iron Kit includes everything you need to leave your personal stamp on steaks , burgers and more. AlwaysFits, $25.

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Digital meat thermometer barbecue tongs

Kill two birds with one stone! These heavy-duty BBQ tongs feature a five-second digital meat thermometer and an audible alarm that tells you how well-done your food is every time you give it a digital meat thermometerflip! HomeWetBar, $40.

An instant-read thermometer lets you know that foods are cooked to the proper temperature and are fe to eat. "Consider investing in a non-contact laser thermometer, too. It will tell you how hot your grill is before you add the meat," advises Grillmaster Tim Tucker.

Long-handled tongs are the key to getting your steaks on and off the grill and flipping them safely. "It’s a good practice to have two sets: one for raw meat and the other for cooked," says Todd Simon, fifth-generation family owner of Omaha Steaks.

Savory spices, rubs and marinades

BBQ Savor, a new spice created by grillmaster Tim Tucker, is specially blended for any type of grilling: Stainless steel bbq skewerswood, charcoal, gas or electric. It’s a rub, a marinade, a shake-on spice and a mopping sauce — and it’s healthy: low in salt with no MSG, gluten or artificial ingredients! Find it on

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Stainless steel BBQ skewers

Without the proper tools, grilling shish-kabobs is an unpleasant hassle. Serious grillmasters use Mastrad BBQ Skewers. Easy-to-hold handles stay cool and the flat surface grillista shirtkeeps food in place while turning. Bonus: Use one skewer to remove food from another skewer. Mastrad and select stores, $20 for a set of 6.

Grill*ista T-shirt

You’ve got your Fashionistas and your Recessionistas, so why not a Burger*ista or a BBQ*ista? These personalized T-shirts are a fun way to advertise your passion. What’s Your Ista?, prices vary.grill brush

Heavy-duty grill brush

"This sounds simple, until you are faced with the array of grill brushes out there," warns Tucker. "The best ones have longer handles and replaceable bristles -- brass bristles for porcelain grill grates and stainless steel bristles for cast iron or stainless steel grates." Tucker's pick: CharBroil’s Brush Hawg.

Instant screen door Magic mesh photo

Screen doors let fresh air in and keep bugs out, but they’re hard to maneuver when your hands are full of burgers and dogs. The Magic Mesh Hands-Free Screen Door is the perfect solution: walk right through, and powerful magnets will close the door behind you… like magic! It installs without tools and fits single, sliding or RV door frames. MagicMesh, $15.

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Expert Tip

A grill brush is crucial for getting the best flavor and sear marks on your steaks. Keeping your grill grates clean also keeps your food from sticking. For the cleanest grates, use the grill brush both before and after you grill. ~ Todd Simon, Omaha Steaks

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