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Cellulite fighting foods

Here are some simple tips and tricks that will help you combat one thing that all women (and men) loathe — cellulite.

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Cellulite is something many women will encounter in their lifetimes, but lucky for us, there are foods to help fight all of that unnecessary jiggle. These simple diet adjustments will help to keep your skin looking smooth and lump-free.


One tip that is usually overlooked is to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. Water is your friend!

“Any time the skin is well hydrated, it will look suppler and healthier,” Lona Sandon, R.D., a spokeswoman in Dallas for the American Dietetic Association said in an interview with Self magazine.

Drinking more water will give you plumper skin that will cover the fat cells underneath. You should aim to drink about 8-1/2 cups of water per day, but if drinking a glass of water isn’t necessarily your favorite thing to do, you can also incorporate foods that contain a large amount of water to help you reach your 8-1/2 cups a day goal. Some examples of H2O-rich foods are apples, cucumbers and grapes to name a few.

Colorful foods

Another great trick to keep your skin smooth and free of those pesky bulges is to incorporate bright, colorful foods into your diet. When picking out fruits and veggies, just think the more colorful, the better!

Colorful foods pack a lot of vitamin C, which is essential in preventing collagen breakdown.

Collagen helps with the elasticity of your skin. The more elasticity your skin has, the less cellulite you’ll see. You should aim for about 75 milligrams of vitamin C daily to keep the collagen from deteriorating.

When grocery shopping, just picture the colors of the rainbow and grab anything from red bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, blueberries or a pineapple to help you get your daily C fix.

Whole grains

Last, but certainly not least, try to incorporate whole grains into your diet. It will pay off in the long run.

My grandmother always said, “The whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead!”

Refined grains like sugary cereals, white rice and white bread are broken down more quickly than whole grains causing your blood sugar levels to rise and your body to store fat instead of burn it.

These newly formed fat cells are in excess and will make you appear more lumpy than usual.

Stick to healthy whole grains like brown rice, steel cut oats, whole grain breads and popcorn. These foods won’t send your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride and will be able to prevent excess fat storage.

These simple diet tips and tricks will help you say goodbye to your cellulite and help you have a healthier and most importantly, lump-free bod.

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