Gourmet baseball recipes

by Nick
Apr 20, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. ET

Call all the right signs with these baseball goodies and rally your team for some downright decadent treats.

Baseball season

Slam recipes

Call all the right signs with these baseball goodies and rally your team for some downright decadent treats.

Baseball is back and what better way to ring in the new season than having an old fashioned, All-American barbecue? With your friends and family over for an afternoon of catching the first pitch, you’re going to have to find a way to feed them. If barbecuing is a little overdone at your place, try some gourmet twists on classic stadium foods. These tasty treats will tantalize your taste buds from pitch-to-pitch, working well past the seventh inning stretch.

Haute dogs here!

Haute dogs here!

Hot dogs are abundant at any baseball event, whether it’s at the stadium or on your home plate. Forget the mystery meat dripping in water and slopped between a fall-apart bun. Know what you’re putting into your franks and put together these delicate dogs for your teammates.

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Candied pretzel

Twist on a twist

Pretzels are a little bland, no? You could pay $7 for a bag of chocolate pretzels that’ll melt with you in the white hot bleachers or you could throw your guests a curve ball and try your hand at this fresh take on a classic. The perfect blend of sweet and salty, these pretzel snacks will be a home run.

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Summer slider

Sliding in and staying classy

A hunk of meat sandwiched between bread is bleh. This gourmet take on old fashioned burgers will have everyone doing the wave… and then they’ll sit right back down because they’re full.

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Summer trail mix

Get your trail mix here!

You’ll literally never hear that being shouted out by some sweaty vendor at the ballpark. Who needs just plain old peanuts? Trail mix is a festively fun snack and a delicacy compared to boring old goobers. Toss this together for your baseball buddies.

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Summer fruit punch

Refreshing relief

You’ll have to wash it all down with a cool drink, and lemonade and baseball go hand-in-hand. So, bring in some thirsty relief with this snappy sipping drink.

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