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Famous Foodie Profile: Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone. He licks cookie dough off his fingers and will eat anything for a speed boat. What’s not to love? Read the rest of his honest answers below.

curtis stone

question1. What is your favorite ingredient to lick off your fingers?

Curtis: Cookie dough, I can’t keep my fingers out of the bowl.

2. When I eat ___________, I know I’ve hit rock bottom.

Curtis: When I eat my 5th taco, I know I’ve hit rock bottom.

3. What dish always gets you excited when you see it on a menu?

Curtis: Crab. I just love it.

fork4. Is there a food you wouldn’t eat even if you were offered a free speed boat for eating it?

Curtis: I really like speed boats.

5. What’s a food myth or trend you wish would die?

Curtis: Soda is OK to drink.

6. When no one’s watching, I cook ___________ for myself.

Curtis: When no one’s watching, I cook bacon for myself.

7. If you could have a slice of pizza with another famous foodie (living or deceased), who would be and why?

Curtis: If I could have a slice of pizza with another famous foodie, it would be Anthony Bourdain because I love his stories and I would want to hear how he would answer these questions!

8. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Curtis: I don’t care — I eat them both.

9. You’ve been sentenced to death for a crime you totally committed. What’s on your death row menu? More importantly, what crime did you commit?

Curtis: Roast lamb cooked by my mum.

10. If heaven exists, what mysteries about food do you want explained at the pearly gates?

Curtis: Why, why, why is chocolate so fattening??
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