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Get your daily dose of vitamin C

Spring is on its way and we’re getting ready to bid winter adieu. But just because cold and flu season is coming to an end, don’t let your defenses down when it comes to your daily intake of vitamin C. This important vitamin and antioxidant helps your body all year long.

woman eating strawberry

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps the body create collagen, maintain healthy tissues, lessen oxidative stress and keep scurvy at bay. Research also shows that maintaining levels of vitamin C can keep your immune system healthier and boost brain function. The daily recommended allowance for vitamin C ranges between 75-90 milligrams/day depending on factors like age and gender.

Fortunately, with so many delicious vitamin C-rich foods to choose from, it’s easy to get your daily dose without relying on supplements. Check out some of these fruits and vegetables that pack a vitamin C punch.

Chilli PepperChili peppers

Both red and green chili varieties contain incredible amounts of vitamin C, with more than 100 milligrams in a half cup of chopped peppers. These spicy additions provide tons of flavor to any dish and depending on which kind you use, can add quite a bit of heat, too.

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It’s hard to beat eating fresh-picked strawberries straight out of the basket, but these juicy berries are also great paired with fish, cheese and make a flavorful vinaigrette. Along with vitamin C, strawberries are a source of fiber and high in antioxidants.

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We’ve always been told to eat our greens, and broccoli qualifies as one of the best foods to add to your diet, either raw or cooked. This vegetable is actually a member of the cabbage family and is not only high in vitamin C, but is a good source of fiber and is said to have high anti-cancer properties.

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These green fuzzy fruits actually contain more vitamin C than an orange and are also high in potassium. Kiwis make an excellent addition to salads and smoothies, and if you’re looking to get some of your vitamins during happy hour, kiwi cocktails are a tasty way to go.

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