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Oscar nominee-inspired cocktails

What better way to watch the 84th Academy Awards than with some vibrant and delicious libations inspired by this year’s nominees? This year’s best movie nods, like Moneyball, The Descendants, Midnight in Paris and The Help are not only great flicks, but also great inspiration for some fabulous cocktails!

Oscars Statue

Host an Oscars dinner party with matching recipes

The 84th Annual Academy Awards will air on February 26th, and if you’re hosting an Oscars party, a fun way to enjoy this glamorous event is by creating a menu inspired by the nominated films in the Best Picture category. And afterwards, have fun and let your guests vote on the Best Recipe category!

Whether you are a fan of the movies or not, these cocktails are sure to put you in the award watching spirit. Grab your martini mixer, a few bottles of liquor and your red carpet gown and host an Oscar viewing party, complete with these fabulous cocktails!

A Moneyball beermosa

A Moneyball beermosa

No baseball watching experience is complete without a nice, cold beer. However, since the Academy Awards are more class than ballpark, add a dash of Champagne to your favorite brew and serve these citrusy and refreshing drinks out of your wedding Champagne flutes. Pair this fancy beer drink with a gourmet hotdog, homemade caramel corn or a slice of freshly made margherita pizza to create a truly elegant baseball experience. For an easy and tasty beermosa, check out this beermosa recipe!

Tropical frozen Mai Thai

Tropical frozen Mai Thai

Although the overall premise of The Descendants is more sad than celebratory, this frozen Mai Thai will surely turn your frown upside down. With an abundant tropical taste and look, this drink is very popular in the warmer parts of the country like Hawaii, where the Oscar nominated movie was filmed. Pair this Mai Thai with a teeny tiny umbrella, a freshly sliced pineapple or a few fresh cherries and you’ll be one step closer to a tropical vacation. Check out this easy cocktail recipe for a frozen Mai Thai!

Minny’s s’mores martini

Minny's famous s'mores martini

The Help‘s most outspoken protagonist isn’t shy about revealing her feelings towards some of the ladies she worked for. Besides talking smack to her employers, Minny also made a very “special” chocolate pie for an evil woman she worked for. Luckily this delicious chocolate and marshmallow martini doesn’t have any of Minny’s secret ingredients, but I won’t tell if you decide to add something special to the cocktail you make for your least favorite boss. Check out this deliciously decadent martini recipe for a s’mores martini!

A Midnight in Paris Bellini

A Midnight in Paris Bellini

When you’re strolling through the streets of Paris after dark and find yourself in the company of the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, there’s a good chance they’ll be sipping France’s bubbly export, Champagne. Although the likes of them would be sipping this fizzy drink au naturel, pair your favorite French Champagne with crisp cranberry juice, fresh cranberries and pear slices for a truly mind altering Bellini. For your big Oscar bash, serve these refreshing cocktails with warm baked Brie or an assortment of French cheeses. Try this recipe for a tart pear and cranberry Bellini and sub out the Prosecco for Champagne.


To learn about hosting an Oscar’s party (and the types of food you should serve with these tasty drinks, check out this article on the best party tips!

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