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National Drink Wine Day

In my house, there is no more celebrated day than Feb. 18, National Drink Wine Day. We celebrate most holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving with a glass of wine so it only seems fair to dedicate an entire day to the act of wine drinking.

Friends celebrating national wine day

The good news? You don’t have to buy gifts, roses or make a huge meal — you just have to drink wine. Didn’t I say it was the best holiday?

The most difficult part of National Drink Wine Day will be to determine which wine to drink. In an effort to make your holiday stress-free, I’ve rounded up my favorite wine brands and varietals with various reasons why you should drink them.

The crunchy wine drinker

Cal Naturale wineIf your entire shoe selection consists of leather sandals and anything you can slide on without effort, your backyard is filled with bird feeders made of recycled bottles and the only milk you drink comes from an almond, only an eco-friendly wine will do. Cal Naturale is the perfect option for anyone who appreciates a quality glass of wine from a company that has Mother Nature in mind. Not only are the grapes organic, but the cardboard packaging is thought to leave a smaller footprint than its glass counterpart. We won’t call it a boxed wine if you won’t.

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The philanthropic wine drinker

One Hope WinesYou are particularly vulnerable to commercials with starving children and homeless puppies. In fact, you have sponsored more children than your fingers can count. It’s only 10 cents a day, right? You buy pink products, fill your calendar with galas, 5K races and dance-a-thons all in the name of a good cause, and if you get one more cat, we’ll start calling you – well we won’t go there. Your wine should be as generous as you are so there is no better choice than One Hope Wines. Each varietal supports a different cause and half of the proceeds from each bottle go to the corresponding cause. There’s never been a better way to celebrate.

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The mod wine drinker

Mod wineThe lines are so clean in your home that you can barely decipher the floor from the furniture. The walls of your loft are adorned with splatter and splotches that you call art. Your local barista saves your favorite table in the corner of the coffee shop so you can work on your paper thin Macbook while sipping an Americano. A typical bottle of wine just won’t do. I recommend VOGA wines. The bottle breaks all the rules of traditional wine, including the fact that it has a cork and a twist off top. It will look great on your concrete countertops.

The true wine drinker

WineAny wine will do, as long as it isn’t pink and doesn’t come from a box. You don’t want a crazy bottle and you couldn’t care less about organic grapes. You just want some wine in your glass — now. Instead of opting for traditional varietals, like merlot or chardonnay, use the holiday to try something new. Lesser known options like nebbiolo, albarino or mourvedre will help break up your normal wine drinking routine. You may have to head to a store that specializes in wine to find these types, but it will be worth the trip.

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