Dining in with Homestyle Stock

Whether you’re cooking a romantic meal for Valentine’s Day or a “thank you” dinner for your someone special, homestyle chicken or beef stock is a big helper. Use it to add flavor to old favorites or to create restaurant-quality meals easily at home.

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The best thing about cooking with homestyle stock is the extra punch of flavor it adds to standard meals without expensive ingredients. The next time you want to cook a special meal, skip the truffle oil and saffron, and use one of these tips for a simple meal made with chicken or beef stock… homestyle.

Repurpose old recipes

For a special meal, the same ol’ meat and potatoes just won’t do. If you want to make a kicked-up version of a favorite dish, try substituting homestyle beef or chicken stock (or its concentrate) for the water or other moisture-adding ingredients in your favorite dishes. Boil the potatoes for your mashers in chicken stock, or substitute a bit of beef stock concentrate for part of the tomato paste in your turkey meatloaf.

Let it simmer

Homestyle stock makes long or slow-cooker cooking easier and more flavorful. Just pop your ingredients in the pot or the slow cooker with some stock (bring to a boil if necessary) and let it simmer until it’s done. While you’re waiting, watch your favorite rom-com, give your one-and-only a sensual massage, or find another romantic activity to keep you engaged while you work up an appetite smelling the tantalizing aromas wafting from your kitchen.

Make it up as you go (together)

It’s always nice to cook a romantic meal for someone you love, but doing it together can be twice as fun. Create a night to remember (and a fun tradition) by concocting a new meal you’ve never had before.

If you purchase a few key ingredients and have a selection of your favorite herbs and spices on hand, you’ll learn the true meaning of teamwork as you devise your special recipe. While you’re at the grocery store, pick up some homestyle stock, one or two of your favorite meats and the most common vegetables, fruits and starches you eat. Pick up at least one ingredient you’ve always wanted to try, then work together to create a recipe using those items.

Even if your dish needs work (or even if it’s barely edible), you worked together and had fun. That’s really all that counts.

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