Taco Bell to launch “First Meal” breakfast menu

Dong! Recognize that sound? What was once the sound that called you to the border for your late night, fast food fix — or “fourth meal” — now also signals breakfast in some areas.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is rolling out its new 11-item breakfast menu on Jan. 26 to 750 restaurants in 10 states. The new breakfast line is being called Taco Bell’s First Meal option.

Worth the wait?

It’s taken Taco Bell about five years to perfect its product that will be served during the early hours. Customer feedback certainly played a role in the matter, giving thumbs up and down until the company found a way to feature a “back to basics” lineup popular with the public.

The Orange County Register (Taco Bell’s HQ is in the OC) got a sneak peek at the menu last week, and notes that, for anywhere from 99 cents to $2.79, you’ll be able to gobble up your most important meal of the day. A few breakfast menu highlights include:

  • Johnsonville sausage & egg crunch wrap
  • Four different burritos
  • Hash browns
  • Cinnabon Delights (fried dough balls with cream filling)
  • Fresh brewed Seattle’s Best coffee (offered hot, iced and flavored)
  • Tropicana orange juice

First in line for First Meal

People in some U.S. states out West (and just a few others) will be the first to take on Taco Bell breakfasts. For the rest of you, the company says that breakfast will be served in 5,800 locations in the U.S. by 2014. Find out if your town will be first on the Taco Bell breakfast list.

Rest assured, if you don’t see something you like on the current breakfast menu, you might find it in the future. Taco Bell says they plan to add breakfast items as time marches on.

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