Paula Deen admits to having Type 2 diabetes

Just like many of the news sources have speculated, Paula Deen announced Tuesday morning that she has Type 2 diabetes, and has had it for more than three years.

Paula Deen announces diabetes diagnosis

Recent announcements and speculations of Paula Deen’s diabetes diagnosis can now be validated as the celebrity chef finally admitted to having the disease. In her first interview about the disease in USA Today, Deen cited not knowing enough about diabetes or having any idea on how to fight it for her silence.

“I felt like I had nothing to offer anybody other than the announcement. I wasn’t armed with enough knowledge. I knew when it was time, it would be in God’s time,” Deen told a USA Today reporter.

In addition to her announcement of the diagnosis, the queen of deep fried Southern cuisine also stated that she is in a partnership with the pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk, to launch a program aimed to help people live with Type 2 diabetes and promote a diabetes drug.

Deen, whose livelihood was made on heavy Southern dishes, like deep fried chicken and mayo-rich potato salad, states that she isn’t going to give up her favorite foods, just practice more moderation.

“You don’t want to make a steady diet of just lettuce,” she told the newspaper. “You don’t want to make a steady diet of fried chicken,” she told the USA Today reporter.

Fans of Deen, don’t fret. She’ll still be cooking up her tried and true dishes, except this time, with a healthier spin. With the help of her sons Jamie and Bobby, she is going to work on recreating her famous dishes to make them lighter and better for you.

If you’re a fan hoping for more dishes like butter cake and Krispie Kreme hamburgers, you’re out of luck. I think Deen will be seeing a lot less butter, sugar and mayo in her future.

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