5 Foods that burn fat

One of the biggest misconceptions dieters have is thinking that food is the enemy when it comes to weight loss.

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In fact, as some dietitians have proven, certain foods have been proven to actually rev up your metabolism, which allows your body to burn fat faster. Add more of these five foods to your diet for an easy and delicious way to burn unwanted fat!

Many popular foods we love, like jalapenos, apples and even oats, have been scientifically proven to not only rev up our metabolisms, but also cut cholesterol and limit the amount of fats our cells absorb! Stock up on these superfoods and you may not need that diet after all.


Sure, not all nuts are created equal in the superfood category, but the main ones we eat on a regular basis (pending no allergy) like peanuts and pine nuts fight weight gain and lower triglycerides, which are common blood fats. High levels of triglycerides can easily lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. Pine nuts, especially, curb hunger and prevent the formation of belly fat. In addition, nuts work to keep our bodies full, which means there’s a chance we’ll eat less overall.

Spicy foods

Spicy foods, like jalapenos, chilies and red peppers do more than just add flavor to bland dishes; they can actually burn calories after you eat. Studies have found that the main compound in most chilies, capsaicin, has an effect that causes the body to burn extra calories up to 20 minutes after eating time. Other studies have also found that those who eat spicy food on a regular basis have a lower incidence of heart attack and stroke. The biggest bang is in the cancer fighting properties of capsaicin that can slow the spread of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.


The old adage isn’t lying by saying an apple a day can keep the doctor away, and a few extra pounds as well! Apples are high in a molecule known as pectin, which binds with water and limits the amount of fat cells can absorb. In addition, apples are high in soluble fiber, which takes longer to digest, therefore keeping us fuller longer. Furthermore, like many other fruits and vegetables, apples have antioxidants that can prevent metabolic syndrome, which is the combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and prediabetes.


This breakfast favorite is a well-known superfood in the healthy living community. Not only are oats (the regular kind, not the kind loaded with sugar and preservatives) full of healthy fiber, but they have been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and fight high cholesterol. Because oats take so long to digest, they don’t drastically raise blood pressure and keep you fuller longer. Plus, they have been linked to helping you sleep better. Talk about a superfood!


Eggs are one of the best sources of protein for dieters without the addition of meat. However, they do need to be eaten in moderation for those with higher cholesterol. Studies have shown that those who eat eggs for breakfast paired with carbs lost twice as much weight as those who just ate a carb heavy breakfast. Just one egg has at least six grams of protein, which works like fiber to keep you fuller longer. Plus, protein is a natural source of energy so you’ll feel rejuvenated after you eat one.

Just a few additions to your diet and you’ll see a big difference in how full you feel after meals and how your clothes fit!

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