Bite-sized news: TSA compliant cupcakes, contaminated orange juice and global wine consumption

Hungry for the latest food updates? Check out these bite-sized portions of food news, which are hot off the griddle.

Woman shopping for orange juice

Is there a fungicide among us — in our OJ?

Some people like pulp in their orange juice and others don’t. Is anybody out there looking for a little fungicide in their morning glass of OJ?

The FDA recently halted foreign imports of OJ to the U.S., thinking some juice — particularly juice from Brazil — had traces of carbendazim in it, a fungicide that has been banned in the U.S. According to CitrusBR, an export industry association, Brazil produces almost one in every six glasses of orange juice consumed in the U.S.

After the initial juice halt, the FDA later announced that it was just being really cautious about its warnings and testings, and that the trace amounts they found of the fungicide in orange juice wouldn’t pose any health threats. Testing will continue and orange juice with high concentrations of the fungicide will be refused for import or destroyed.

You can rest a little easier as continued testing showed that orange juice imported from our friends to the north in Canada didn’t reveal the chemical. Good news, eh?

Taking to the friendly skies? Look for this TSA compliant cupcake

Traveling over the holidays can be a real bear, and holiday travel with a tasty treat can sometimes makes things worse.

You’ve probably heard about Cupcakegate — furor over the confection that didn’t pass TSA inspection over the holiday season? It was the gel frosting and placement in a glass jar that had one TSA employee jazzed enough to detain its travel.

Enter Silverspoon Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island, and its TSA Compliant Cupcake. Forget about the peanuts and pretzels you no longer get on most flights. This goodie is all about taste and fun!

Silver Spoon’s batch of treats are designed with security in mind: This basic vanilla bean cake is topped with exactly three ounces of frosting, packaged in a standard 3-1-1, 1-quart, clear bag along with its own boarding pass. If you’d like, you can even have a security-inspired message added to the treat. For $4, this carry-on is worth the price!

Bring on the cheese because the wine is flowing

Apparently Americans and the Chinese love their wine and are expected to show even more love for it by 2015. Experts note that between 2011 and the end of 2015, the U.S. and Asia will drive a 6 percent increase in global wine consumption. That’s a lot of grapes.

For more official news: In 2011, folks in the U.S. raised their wine glasses (equivalent to 3.735 billion bottles worth) even more than people in France and Italy, claiming the title of the world’s biggest wine consumer by volume. That wasn’t a typo… more than France and Italy.

China grabbed a title too, knocking the United Kingdom to sixth place, marking its spot on the list as one of the world’s top five wine-consuming nations.

With so much joy (meaning demand) for the wine, wine companies are primed to focus their resources on Asia and North America. The excitement continues to build as tradeshows are set to draw folks in even further. The Vinexpo Asia-Pacific consumer wine show is set for Hong Kong in May and its first ever in the U.S. in November.

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