Lawsuit over dead mouse in Mountain Dew raises questions

Jan 4, 2012 at 5:27 p.m. ET

As if you needed one more reason to avoid the sugar-saturated neon yellow beverage, one man claims he found a dead mouse in his. No need to worry, Pepsi says that isn't possible. A dead mouse would never hold up in Mountain Dew's chemically-laden formula.

Mountain Dew and a mouse

Ronald Ball of Wisconsin is suing Pepsi, the company who produces Mountain Dew, claiming there was a dead rodent in his soda which made him violently ill. The man purchased the soda from a vending machine at work in 2009. He poured the unnaturally colored beverage in a Styrofoam cup and tasted something foul, which sounds completely normal to me. It turns out the can included a tiny mouse. After calling the number on the can to complain, the mouse was turned over to Pepsi for further investigation. Ball is seeking damages of over $50,000 from the soda giant.

Although the case has gone to court already, new questions have been raised about his claims. As if drinking a can of soda complete with a surprise mouse isn't gross enough, keep reading. Pepsi says if in fact a rodent was in a can of Mountain Dew, you'd likely never know as it would have dissolved. The small rodent, that managed to be poured out through the small can opening, wouldn't have been a rodent at all but just a bunch of goop.

Just consider it extra flavor

Acid and an ingredient called brominated vegetable oil or BVO are what likely lead to Mountain Dew's supposed rodent dissolving powers. BVO is banned in some other areas of the world like Europe and Japan but allowed in limited quantities in sodas like Mountain Dew, Squirt and Fanta Orange. By American standards, if there are mice in our sodas, we don't want to know.

If your New Year's resolution involves drinking less soda, this just may help. I am not sure whether the fact that you could be drinking rodents and never know is grosser or the fact that whatever is dissolving rodents is likely doing a number on your internal organs too. Worse yet, no one has said that finding a rat in your soda is impossible, so be on the lookout for jelly filled sodas.

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