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Edible gardens: Growing microgreens indoors

The latest culinary craze for gourmands everywhere is microgreens. Not to be confused with germinated seeds known as sprouts, microgreens are the tender two-leaf shoots from the seeds of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Despite their small size and meager appearance, they pack a powerful punch of flavor and nutrition.

Edible microgreens

With almost instant growing gratification, potted microgreens are unfussy, growing happily in crowded conditions with minimal light in just about any container that supports good drainage. And depending on the variety, these low-maintenance garnishes can be harvested in less than 10 days.

Grow your own microgreens in five easy steps:

  1. Create a seed bed by filling containers with organic soil. Sprinkle seeds liberally across the soil’s surface, filling the bed with seeds. Press gently on the seeds to ensure even contact with the soil.
  2. Place one layer of compostable paper towels over the seed beds. Using a clean spray bottle filled with water, spray and thoroughly soak the paper towels until the soil beneath is wet.
  3. Cover containers and place in a location without direct sunlight.
  4. Check containers in five to seven days. As soon as the first sprouts appear, move to a sunny spot. Keep soil moist, but not wet.
  5. When the majority of sprouts have broken through the paper towels with their first sets of leaves, harvest and replant as needed.

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