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7 Ways to decorate with fresh produce

Take advantage of nature’s bounty and shop the produce section (or your own backyard) for fresh beautiful produce to decorate your home. Here are seven creative ways to decorate with fresh produce.

fruit as decorationIndoor fruit trees

Fruit on the tree is about as fresh as it gets. Citrus trees like Calamondin Orange, Meyer Lemon or Key Lime trees all do well indoors, and look great potted in a home. Match the color of your pot to the color of the fruit for a big color statement. Make sure your indoor potted citrus trees get plenty of sunlight and are fertilized in the winter. Be sure not to over-water — and be patient, as it can take a year or two for the trees to produce fruit. In addition to looking good, these trees will produce blossoms with a heavenly scent.

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Sugared fruit centerpiece

Try a sugar-dusted fruit centerpiece to bring an elegant touch of winter to your table. Make sure you select firm, fresh fruit — erring on the side of choosing under-ripened fruit. Beat egg whites in a bowl, and brush it onto your fruit with a pastry brush or paint brush. Using your fingers, sprinkle white sugar on all sides of your fruit. Shake off any extra sugar, and set fruit on a piece of wax paper. When your sugared fruit is dry, go ahead and arrange it on a platter for instant sparkle.

White fruit centerpiece

Just as some people would never paint over natural wood furniture, we understand there are those who would never cover the natural beauty of fruit with white paint. If you want to think outside the fruit bowl, however, the result is stunning. First, select firm, fresh produce. Set your produce on newspaper outside, and spray white spray paint evenly on the fruit. Let your painted fruit dry, and then arrange on plates or platters.

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Apothecary jars and vases

Displaying fruit in apothecary jars and vases is probably the easiest way to decorate with fresh produce. Select colorful fruit like oranges, limes and lemons, and simply drop them into your jars or vases. If you want to get fancy, slice your citrus into circles then slice in half. Fill your tall glass vessels with citrus slices and water. You may even want to insert a smaller vase of the same shape inside the larger vase and arrange a floral display inside, with citrus slices sandwiched against the outer vase.

Cake stand display

Elevate your fresh produce by displaying it on your favorite cake stand. Choose fruits in a monochromatic color for big impact. Lemons, oranges and limes are all bold and beautiful choices. If you have a leafy tree in your yard, pick some bright green leaves to accent your display. Tuck in small flowers among the fruit to add to the fresh look.

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Party favors

We love the visual impact of multiples on display. If you’re hosting a get-together, consider making party favors by filling small metal pails or mini paper bags with fresh berries or cherries. One of our favorite sources of packaging supplies is Garnish, where you’ll find berry boxes, chipboard boats, cellophane and paper bags to display your fruity favors. Line up your favors in rows for guests to help themselves as they exit the party.

Place cards

Brightly colored individual pieces of fruit are the perfect way to display place cards. Stemmed fruits like apples and pears lend themselves to tying on paper strips or tags with bakers twine. Try cutting paper tags in the shape of leaves for a fun touch. Fruits like lemons, limes and oranges look perky when speared with straight pins or toothpicks, proudly flying mini name flags. If you’re going for a more earthy look, go unconventional by sticking name tag pins into baby vegetables like potatoes, turnips or carrots.

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