5 Fresh kid-friendly breakfast creations

Get creative in the kitchen with these fun kid-friendly breakfast ideas. Encourage the kids to get involved in the preparation, and they’ll be even more likely to gobble up their fun and nutritious meal.

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French toast sticks

Kids and dipping go together like… well… like French toast and syrup. Take advantage of your wee ones’ natural affinity for food dunking, and serve up some crunchy French toast sticks with individual ramekins of syrup. Use thick slices of bread, and cut each slice into four strips. Dunk strips into your egg, milk, and vanilla mixture (3 eggs, 1/4 cup milk, 1 teaspoon vanilla), roll in crunchy corn flakes, and then pop the strips into a buttered pan over medium heat until cooked on both sides (about three minutes per side).

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Doodled pancakes

If your kids are old enough to help at the griddle, they’ll love doodling out their own pancakes — and if they’re still too young, they can shout out their orders to you, their own personal pancake Picasso. Here’s what you’ll need to do: Prepare your pancake batter, and then pour batter into the squirt top bottles used to dispense condiments like ketchup and mustard. Instead of ladling out the pancake batter, use the bottles to squirt out the pancakes in stripes, letters or even funny faces. The squirt top will help you create smaller and more precise designs — sort of like a pancake pen.

Oatmeal bar

If you’re trying to wean your kids off sugary instant oatmeal and get them into whole grain oatmeal-from-scratch goodness, surprise them with an oatmeal bar. Give them a bowl of straight steel cut oatmeal and let them top it up with choices including banana slices, walnuts, fresh fruit jam, peanut butter, agave syrup and honey.

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Yogurt parfait

Presentation is everything. When your kids take one look at their breakfast parfaits all layered up in a sundae glass, they’ll lunge for the spoon to scoop up their healthy breakfast (masquerading as a sweet treat). To make the yogurt parfait, simply layer your favorite yogurt on the bottom, topped with granola, fresh fruit, then another layer of yogurt, granola and fruit. If your kids have a favorite breakfast cereal, toss in a little of that too.

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Mini bagel sandwiches

Start their day on a warm and delicious note with mini cheesy egg bagel sandwiches. Get your bagels fresh from the local bakery, and toast them up while you’re scrambling the eggs and cheddar cheese. Butter your toasted bagels and top them with the cheesy eggs. Serve the mini breakfast sandwiches to your happy munchers with a side of berries.

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