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2012 Food bucket list

With the world coming to an end this year, it’s time to make a list of all the foods you’ve always wanted to try — and start checking them off, one item at a time. If you need inspiration for your very own food bucket list, keep reading!

Caviar food bucket list

The end of the world — Dec. 21, 2012 — is less than 11 months away. While we don’t really believe the world is coming to an end, it’s a great excuse to do all of those things you’ve always wanted to do. Or try all of the foods you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t for some reason. Whether you’ve been held back by a weak stomach or an empty wallet, it’s time to throw caution to the wind. Create your 2012 food bucket list.

Scary foods

Scary can mean different things to different people, but to us, food gets scary when the ick factor is high. Still, you only live once and if the Mayans are correct, you’re running out of time. Add these vom-inducing foods to your bucket list.

  • Casu Marzu: Anthony Bourdain will have nothing on you if you can eat this Italian sheep milk cheese. It’s “made” by introducing the cheese fly, formally known as piophila casei, to the cheese. They break down the fat, creating a liquefied mess for you to enjoy. The worms are up to one-third of an inch long and can jump up to six inches when disturbed. Push them aside or eat them — it’s up to you.
  • Hakarl: Speaking of Bourdain, he described hakarl as “the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing” he ever ate. Hakarl, by the way, is fermented shark. Chef Gordon Ramsay vomited after eating it. Add it to your bucket list!

Expensive foods

The price tags on these foods mean you’re not consuming them on a daily — or yearly — basis. All the more reason to add them to your 2012 food bucket list.

  • Caviar: Caviar is unsalted, processed and unfertilized sturgeon roe, a.k.a. fish eggs. This high-end delicacy can cost up to $140 per ounce.
  • Kobe beef: Move over boring beef, Wagyu is the way to go if you’re putting an expensive slab of meat on your food bucket list. This Japanese cattle is high in fat and hard on the wallet, as Kobe beef can go for up to $300 a pound.
  • Mac n cheese: What, you didn’t think mac n cheese could cost more than a few bucks a box? For $95, you can indulge in white truffle macaroni and cheese at Melisse, a Santa Monica French restaurant. This seasonal delicacy is available from October to December.
  • Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet Champagne: Forget Dom Perignon or Cristal, we’re talking about our bucket list. Priced at $50,000 for 12 bottles, Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet Champagne is a must-try before the world ends.

Unique restaurants

Sometimes you have to travel for the best food. Don’t forget to add these great items to your food bucket list.

  • Hot Doug’s hot dog: Chicago may be known for pizza, but it’s also a great place to grab a hot dog. Plan a trip to the Windy City for a $2 “The Dog.”
  • Lombardi’s Pizzeria: If you need an excuse to visit New York, add pizza from this pizzeria to your food bucket list.
  • Nate ‘n Al’s: Put a pastrami sandwich from this strip mall deli on the list. You just might run into a Hollywood celeb while you’re there.

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