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5 Ways whole grains are good for your mood

Your mood depends on a lot more than your hormones and what kind of day you’re having. What you eat has a lot to do with how you feel, and a diet rich in whole grains goes a long way toward a happier you!

Woman eating whole grain snack

Stay energized

Carbohydrates deliver glucose to your blood stream, an important factor in maintaining energy in both your body and your brain. Whole grains deliver those benefits in a slow and steady fashion so you’re energized for hours. Simple sugars, like sweets and food from white flour, pack a quick punch that give you a fast boost but leave you crashing in no time — and usually worse off than when you started.

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Regulate your mood

Women are hormonal creatures, and it’s not unusual for our moods to be all over the place. Sometimes, a simple boost of serotonin is all you need to stop the madness. Eat whole grains to trigger the release of serotonin, a hormone that helps your body regulate your mood and keep you calm. To keep an even mood all day long, work whole grains into your diet throughout the day. Start your morning off with a bowl of oatmeal, have a sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch and have whole grain pasta or brown rice for dinner.

Help you sleep

The same hormone that helps you keep your cool throughout the day can help you catch more Zs at night. Serotonins released from eating whole grains keep you calm and less stressed, an important factor in settling down at night. Getting enough quality sleep at night will help you avoid fatigue — it’s hard to be happy when you’re in major need of sleep.

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Fill you up

It’s no fun to be hungry. The second your tummy starts to rumble, you get cranky and irritable. Whole grains fill you up and keep you feeling full longer, meaning you’ll have longer stretches between meals and you’ll be less likely to turn into a grump halfway through your day.

Help you maintain a healthy weight

You look good, you feel good. It may sound a little superficial, but it’s true. When you know you look your best, your confidence shoots through the roof and it usually takes your mood with it. Eat a diet rich in whole grains to maintain a healthy weight and look your best all the time.


Make whole grains a part of your breakfast every day to start your day off with a good mood.

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