Holiday dinner party table favors

Dec 22, 2011 at 10:33 a.m. ET

The guests are invited. The menu is planned. The house is decorated, and the holiday music is playing softly in the background. But what's missing? Table favor gifts for your guests! These practical and decorative favors make your table look amazing and double as great party gifts.

Party favors for holiday party

Wine party favors

  • Tip: Instead of a name or initials, add a simple message to create a memory of the evening like: Good food, good wine, good friends! Christmas 2011
    Hand select individual bottles of wine for each of your guests. Place a bottle at every table setting along with a personalized message or name tag. Engrave each guest's last name or initials onto the personalized name tags so that your guests can re-use their holiday gift even long after the wine is gone.
  • Another great wine-themed party favor is personalized wine glasses. This simple and practical gift can also be a larger holiday gift. Simply have the remainder of the set wrapped up and waiting for your guests by the door. After all, who doesn't want or need more wine glasses?
  • Accessorize your wine glass favor with wine charms. String a set of charms on a festive ribbon, tie the ribbon in a pretty bow -- with some optional garland pieces, jingle bells or dried berries -- and place the set on each guest's table setting.

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Edible party favors

  • Lay stylish, decorative treat bags at each place setting for your guests. These diverse little party favors allow your guests to enjoy after-dinner mints or provide something to satisfy their sweet tooth on the drive home.
  • For close family and friends, surprise your guests with custom fortune cookies. Include messages for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year or have some fun with the gift and make it comical.
  • Wrap up a few of these super trendy cake or brownie pops in clear cellophane wrap, finished with a festive bow and add them to your tablescape. These bite-sized treats make a perfect gift after a holiday dinner party.

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Decorative party favors

  • A great way to add to your holiday tablescape is to give your guests a decorative gift. These pine cone candles make your holiday table even more festive and give your guests a practical holiday gift to take home and enjoy.
  • Another beautiful and practical decorative gift for your holiday table is a selection of Christmas tree ornaments. Make or purchase ornaments to match your table decor and then give your guests a lasting memory of the evening.
  • Think outside the box and accent your holiday table with these pine cone fire starter gifts. Give your guests the gift of warmth to take home from an evening full of friendship and happiness.

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