How to make smart food choices

Making smart food choices isn’t always easy. When faced with a plain banana or a banana split, what’s a girl to do? Here are some tips to choose your foods wisely.

Woman buying produce at the marketStep 1: Shop smart

Learn which areas of your grocery store to shop and which to avoid. Smart, healthy food choices such as fresh produce, dairy and proteins are typically located in the perimeter of the store, while processed foods and not-so-smart snacks are found in the aisles.

One of the easiest ways to make smart food choices is to follow this rule: Never, ever go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Junk food and samples will be hard to resist if you’re famished.

Step 2: Choose fiber over fat

Whole grains and certain fruits and vegetables fill you up in a healthy way. So, next time you really want that candy bar, opt for a fiber-rich bar with chocolate instead.

Step 3: Plan ahead

When girls’ night or a holiday party is around the corner and you know not-so-smart choices will be available, devise a strategy. For example, eat light, healthy foods during the day so you can indulge in a cocktail or special dessert that night. If you fill up with smart choices, you’ll be less tempted to make poor ones. That said, don’t deprive yourself; everything in moderation is usually OK.

When you make smart food choices most of the time, special treats become more… special!

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