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Burger King hosting Free Fries Day this Friday

Want to try Burger King’s newest fries for free? You’re in luck. Free Fries Day is taking place in just two days.

Burger King Fries

A few weeks ago, we shared the news that Burger King fries were getting a makeover. We also mentioned that the fast food chain wanted you to try them — for free.

It’s almost time! To celebrate the new Burger King fries, you can stop by any Burger King location this Friday, Dec. 16 and receive a free order of fries. This free food event has been dubbed Free Fries Day and it’s really free! You don’t even have to purchase a Whopper (or any other menu item) to receive the free fries.

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Burger King said that the new fries are made from a thicker cut of potato that “gives each bite more fluffy, potato flavor on the inside and crispy, golden-brown deliciousness on the outside.”

The new fries were rolled out at almost all North American Burger King restaurants during the first week of December.

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Burger King hadn’t updated its fry formula since 1998, so this is a big change. The new Burger King fries have 20 percent less sodium, so that’s a plus. And they’re cheap — a “value portion” is just $1. That size isn’t a huge diet-buster, at least when it comes to fast food. The value portion contains 240 calories and 330 mg of sodium.

For Free Fries Day, Burger King is offering guests a complimentary value portion.

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What do you think of the new Burger King fries? Worth a trip to BK to grab a free order on Free Fries Day?

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