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10 Italian wines under $15 you should know

Italian wines can be a challenge to learn. The country has 20 regions and many different grapes. But don’t worry about the grapes. Sit back and enjoy the wines for their flavors and food-friendly personalities. You will find that learning about the geography of Italy with a glass of wine is a true pleasure.

Life after pinot grigio

White wine

2008 Botromagno Gravina: This white from Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot, is perfect for those who like light white wines with lots of flavor. It is refreshing, crisp and yummy.

2010 Taburno Falanghina: Falanghina is a native grape of Campania, in the South of Italy. This fuller-bodied white appeals to wine lovers who like ripe citrus flavors. The acidity makes it a perfect pairing for foods, but it is also great on its own. Your white-wine-loving friends will thank you for introducing them to this gem.

2008 Greco Filu Bianco: This complex, almost savory white will make a white wine lover out of you even if you normally prefer red wines. Medium-bodied, rich and round, it stands up to food and can be enjoyed on its own. Close your eyes and you will be transported to the South of Italy with its sun and olive orchards.

2010 Pra Soave Classico: A refreshing, floral white with a creamy texture, this white wine is perfect for egg dishes or soups and pasta with cream. The softness of its texture also makes it perfect on its own.

Red wineRed, red wine

2009 Cantele Primitivo: Soft and smooth, this juicy red wine from Puglia is the perfect introduction to Southern Italian red wines. Food-friendly and easy-drinking, it will impress everyone.

2009 Livelli Salice Salentino: Once you have tasted this medium-bodied red wine from the Italian South, you will want to serve it with everything. Its acidity and structure make it a perfect pairing for a range of foods, but wine lovers also love it on its own. Seek it out!

2009 Tormaresca Neprica: This delicious and easy-drinking blend of Negroamaro, Primitivo and cabernet sauvignon is one of the best-kept secrets of the wine world. It is a crowd-pleaser and perfect for many foods — Italian or otherwise.

2009 Nero d’Avola: This Sicilian red will make you want to buy a ticket to Italy to see the place where this delicious wine comes from. Fruity, but also well-balanced, this medium-bodied red wine will make you a favorite among your friends.

2009 Brigaldara Valpolicella: This spicy, earthy light red wine from Northeastern Italy is the perfect way to start any dinner. It pairs well with appetizers and light pasta and risotto. Seductive and smooth, it will become your instant favorite.

Rose wineRosato is

2010 Cantelle Negroamaro Rosato: Hurry and try this wine before the world discovers it. One of the best rosés in Italy, it is well-structured and full of personality. Share this wine with others only if you really like them!

The Puglian Cookbook by Viktorija Todorovska

So, whether you are a white wine, red wine or rosé fan, turn to Italy for some delicious and affordable wines! Salute!

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