Meat cupcakes — A Thanksgiving alternative?

It’s safe to say that cupcakes are bigger than ever. We have gourmet cupcake bakeries and even wedding cakes made from several layers of the little handheld cakes. Up until this point though, cupcakes were just an adorable form of dessert. Times have changed.

The Meatloaf Bakery in Chicago - Meat Cupcake

No cake in sight

The Meatloaf Bakery in Chicago didn’t want to get left out of the cupcake extravaganza even if dessert wasn’t their specialty. A little creative thinking and meat mashing and the meat cupcake was born. Meat cupcakes involve a concoction of meat and veggies formed together to serve as the base or what would normally be cake. Of course frosting is the best part, so to keep the theme intact, they top their meat cakes with a hefty portion of mashed potatoes in a multitude of varieties.

The lucky folks at NPR had the opportunity to try the meat cakes. While some seemed to like the cakes saying, “These are perfect for people who like their entrees to match their desserts,” others weren’t quite as convinced. Ian said, “That’d be a really good dessert for your kid’s surprise party, if you didn’t like your kid.”

Pick your favorite flavor

The meat cupcakes include everything from pork and chorizo to lean ground turkey for those trying to watch their weight. If you really enjoy the cupcakes and crave more than just a single sized portion, you can order your favorite variety in loaf form.

I may be able to go for the cheeseburger version, but I think the salmon cakes possibly take meat cupcakes one step too far. As much as I love cupcakes, I prefer mine with cake, and I’d prefer my meat in the form of a steak. But who am I to judge? Feel free to create your own turkey cupcake this Thanksgiving. If anything, you could ensure that no one will ever let you host Thanksgiving again.

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Photo credit: The Meatloaf Bakery


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