Anthony Bourdain doesn’t need reservations for a layover

While Anthony Bourdain is perhaps most famous for eating sometimes unidentifiable foreign fare, his newest show features everyday food that most of us would want to eat. From the best food in Rome to his favorite dive bar in New York City, Bourdain shares it all on his new Travel Channel series, The Layover.

Anthony Bourdain The Layover

Ever wonder about the best place to grab a bite to eat when you’re in a new city? Now you can find out from food and travel expert Anthony Bourdain. The Layover features Bourdain’s 24 to 48 hour experiences in difference cities across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The top local spots

Instead of eating outrageous food that makes you either scratch your head in an effort to identify it or struggle to keep your lunch down, Bourdain heads straight to the local spots that almost all of us would like to try.

“If you find yourself in New York for a brief period of time, I always advise people to go for a pastrami sandwich,” Bourdain said in a recent interview. “[On The Layover,] we’re looking for the Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles or San Francisco version of the pastrami sandwich — the local dive bar, the unique place you might not be able to stumble upon yourself.”

The concept of The Layover is simple: Bourdain and his crew stop in different cities for two days or less. In that short period of time, they take the viewer to eateries Bourdain believes they’d want to try. “We’re good at getting right to the good stuff now,” Bourdain explained, “and we’re sharing that hard won information.”

Bourdain prefers regular old eateries to fancy restaurants. “Chance are, on any given day, I’d prefer to have a beer in the late afternoon in a favorite dive bar or eat at a family lunch place. No tablecloths, nothing fancy. A sleeping dog on the floor,” Bourdain said. “That’s hard to beat — there’s pleasure and satisfaction… that reliably puts me in my happy place every time.”

The Layover is more “useful”

When asked about the difference between The Layover and No Reservations, Bourdain said, “Other than the fact that it’s a lot more fast paced with more scenes/destinations…unlike No Reservations, it is our hope that [The Layover] will be useful. No Reservations is all about me, me, me — having fun and satisfying my curiosity of the world. With this show, we’re trying to be useful.”

That makes sense to us. After all, we’re not all adventurous enough to eat most of the food that Bourdain tries out during his travels across the world, but many of us certainly want to hear about his favorite restaurant in Rome. Of course, we’d just love to travel to Rome!

Bourdain’s diet rules

So, how exactly does Bourdain eat all of this amazing food and not pack on the pounds? “I don’t snack. I eat when I’m hungry,” he said. “I don’t eat to fill some other yearning. I don’t eat for distraction. If I know I’m having a big lunch… I have a little coffee and a bite in the morning, nothing more. And then a light supper.”

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There you have it: Bourdain’s simple solution for eating out. He finished with his typical straightforward talk: “I’d rather fill myself with good stuff than crap.”

The Layover premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific on the Travel Channel.

Image credit: The Travel Channel

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