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Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli hits store shelves

Twihards everywhere are about to squeal with delight. There hasn’t been a more exciting situation since Jacob finally took off his shirt. Now both vampire and werewolf fans alike can enjoy a little taste of the Twilight saga.

Bella's Mushroom Ravioli

Bella Italia, a quaint restaurant nestled in downtown Port Angeles, Washington, achieved instant fame after it was included by Stephenie Meyer as the first date location for Bella and Edward in the popular vampire series. If you can recall, Bella fittingly ordered the Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli. That ravioli now attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Unfortunately only the truly committed fans or those in the Washington area have been able to dine on the immortalized Italian food, until now that is. Bella Italia thought that all Twilight fans should be privy to the famous ravioli so they could serve true vampire fare at their Breaking Dawn viewing party. Just like that, a heat-and-eat version was born.

Date night

That’s right gentlemen — you can now pick up a frozen version of Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli and plan your very own first date reenactment for the lady in your life. The restaurant ensures that the ravioli is made fresh and will taste just as good as Bella remembered it even at your own dining room table.

The all-natural 20 ounce entrée features mushroom ravioli in a besciamella sauce which sounds much better than human blood. If you have any vampires in your life, you may want to keep your freezer stocked with this dish in hopes that they will be less inclined to dine on your neck.

Give back

Non-Twilight fans still have something to feel good about as Bella Italia will be donating a portion of all Bella’s Mushroom Ravioli to the Quileute Tribal School and Forks High School, both of which are also featured in the vampire series.

Twilight aficionados can order the ravioli online through the Bella Italia website or find it at select grocers and specialty food retailers. Midnight showings for the latest installment in the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn, begin Thursday, Nov. 17.

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