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Three Thanksgiving treats that are almost too cute to eat

We often have a one-track mind when it comes to Thanksgiving desserts: pumpkin pie. But there are more festive options out there. Try these cute Thanksgiving desserts and treats that are simple to make.

Popcorn surprise

Photo credit: One Charming Party

Kids will want to help, adults will envy your craftiness and maybe you’ll even use up leftover Halloween candy. (Oh, who are we kidding – that candy is long gone by now.) Here are three Thanksgiving dessert recipes and treats that are almost too cute to eat.

Popcorn surprise

Have you ever seen a more clever way to serve popcorn?

We bow to the party planning whizzes of One Charming Party for coming up with this paper bag turkey stuffed with a surprise. Chances are you already have the supplies to make this crafty snack. The body of the turkey is made with a large brown grocery bag and the drumsticks are two brown lunch bags.

Follow this tutorial to create your own picture-perfect paper bag turkey.

Make this the Thanksgiving centerpiece at the kids’ table and let the kids “carve” the turkey by gently breaking open the top. Unbuttered popcorn works best (otherwise grease marks will show through), so it’s a healthy snack, too.

Oreo turkeys

Photo credit: Our Best Bites

Oreo turkeys

These little gobblers make for the perfect afternoon project with kids. Set up an assembly line of Oreos, Whoppers, peanut butter cups and candy corn, and create a flock. Icing holds everything together.

The ladies at Our Best Bites food blog offer step-by-step instructions and show how to turn these snacks into place card holders for the Thanksgiving table.

Gobble-gobble cake pops

Photo credit: Bakerella

Gobble-gobble cake pops

There is something about a bite of cake on a stick that is undeniably charming, especially when dressed up for a holiday.

Cake-pop queen Bakerella offers instructions on her blog for turning cake pops into tiny turkeys, using candy corn for feathers, pretzels for legs and coated espresso beans for heads. These one-bite wonders are sure to impress.

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