Eclectic kitchen decor ideas

Nov 24, 2011 at 4:57 a.m. ET

The traditional kitchen consists of a few décor mainstays, usually involving vases, flowers, plates and other accessories mom would approve. But for the modern woman, spicing things up a bit is an exciting and fun way to add a little culture to your kitchen. You cook exotic, eclectic meals, so why not have a kitchen that reflects that? Here are a few tips for getting your eclectic kitchen in shape.

Ecclectic kitchen decor

Thrift it up

Who wants another person's thrown-out junk? You do! Head to your local thrift store for unusual finds on-the-cheap. Perhaps you'll find an exotic plate to nail to the wall or a set of quirky mugs, like this gold nugget, $29 at The old adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure" applies greatly when it comes to eclectic décor. A simple cleaning is often enough to get thrift store finds back to their original state.

Embrace the Bazaar

The point of eclectic decorating is to make your kitchen look like no other. Everyone will have the same towels and saucers from the local big box store, so you need to think outside the box. Go to stores you typically wouldn't visit. Head to your local exotic gift shop for Indian-style tapestries or an authentic Asian sushi set. The world has plenty of beauty and function to offer outside the conventional.

Gold mug

Work with texture

Texture isn't only a term used for fabrics. The shape, size and style of your kitchen décor can also add texture and dimension to an otherwise tired room. Pair those square, Asian-inspired plates with a highly stylized vase, like this sassy set ($25 - $40) from Cost Plus World Market. Add in a few funky, original paintings on the walls and you have yourself a kitchen with personality.

Skip the monochromatic

Working with a simple one-color palette just doesn't work when it comes to eclectic decorating. You can embrace a main theme, but don't be narrow-minded. Forget a monochromatic color scheme. Rather than working with the same color in different tones and hues, go for random. Want to pair a set of yellow dishes with purple silk flowers? Go for it! Use the color wheel to help you decide which colors look best together, but trust your own eye as the final judge.

Pair opposites

The fundamental idea behind eclectic décor is to pair things that normally wouldn't be seen together. Pairing African influences with a shabby chic perspective, like these canisters from Knobs and More Home Decor, can lead to something dynamic, creative and beautiful.

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