Celebrate National Sandwich Day

Today is the day to celebrate everyone’s favorite food — the sandwich. Whether you like yours grilled, toasted, with cheese or without, there is surely a sandwich to please every taste. Celebrate tonight with your favorite fast food sandwich.

Woman eating a fast food sandwich

The sandwich might arguably be the best invention of our time and I am not even sure who to give the credit to. The versatility of a sandwich is astounding as we serve them stuffed with everything from peanut butter to cold cuts. National Sandwich Day is the day for honoring this lunchtime staple. In an effort to help you celebrate with the best and most convenient sandwiches, I’ve rounded up my list of favorite fast food sandwich options.

Best burger

Whether you are a fan of the Big Mac, Whopper or Jumbo Jack, I’m convinced that one fast food burger reigns supreme. That glory goes to In-N-Out. All calories aside, the Double Double perfectly combines two beef patties, with a hefty smothering of the secret sauce and just the right amount of veggies for all out burger perfection. Plus there is no random piece of bun in between to ruin the meaty taste.

Most uncommon

If the taco and the sandwich got together and had a baby, a pita would be the result. It seems fitting then that Jack in the Box offers all three options. Their chicken pita is the perfect choice for the high maintenance sandwich eater who just can’t make a decision.

Most visually interesting

If I am being honest, I want nothing to do with a piece of meat formed to look like it has bones in it. But I will give McDonald’s a little creative credit for their popular McRib sandwich. I imagine processing meat in such a way isn’t easy which is why you can only find this barbecue sandwich during certain times of the year.

Best healthy option

Jared may just be the most famous fat person turned skinny thanks to fast food. Any diet that includes sandwiches is one I can get on board with, so Subway wins for best healthy option. Thanks to their genius marketing strategy, even people who go in and order a cold cut trio with extra cheese and double mayonnaise think they are eating healthy. Go ahead and load up your sandwich. Even if it isn’t healthy, you’ll at least feel good about it.

Best chicken sandwich

The prize for best chicken sandwich goes to Sonic’s Chicken Club Toaster and it’s not because the diner-esque chain has happy hour. It is because they found a way to combine all things delicious — fried chicken, bacon and cheese — between two thick pieces of Texas toast. Plus they have tater tots.

Most like a homemade sandwich

Sandwiches might just be one of the easiest meals to prepare giving us no excuse to eat out — except that we are busy, on the go and have a to-do list with more items on it than the combined calories of all the sandwiches mentioned above. When you are in a pinch and still want that homemade taste, there is nothing better than Arby’s Market Fresh sandwiches. I’m partial to roasted turkey and Swiss.

Biggest calorie bomb

Fast food isn’t known for being healthy, so there must be an award for the sandwich that does that assumption the most justice. Carl’s Jr’s Steakhouse Six Dollar Burger will set you back 1060 calories and 67 grams of fat making it worth each and every bit of the six bucks you paid for it — but I can’t say the combination of blue cheese, steak sauce and fried onions doesn’t look absolutely delicious. So go on and celebrate big because National Sandwich Day only comes once a year.

Tell us

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